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Is Kentucky losing Jalen Green to Memphis?

Jalen Green (USA Basketball)


A month ago recruiting analyst Corey Evans noted that Kentucky was in the “pole position” for California guard Jalen Green, the No. 3 player in the 2020 recruiting class. Green has said UK was his “dream” school and UK assistant coach Joel Justus went to Greece this summer to watch him play for Team USA.

However, Evans also said then he thought it would be a “cat-and-mouse affair” between UK and Memphis. He wanted not to count on Memphis and coach Penny Hardaway.

Guess what? A month later Evans now says he “would be surprised if Memphis does not get Jalen Green.”

So what gives?

“That is just his opinion,” recruiting writer Krysten Peek said about Evans’ prediction.

However, she understands Evans’ reasoning.

“I think Memphis is a very, very strong contender for Jalen,” Peek said. “Kentucky has a million guards and they are not all leaving next year.”

She says Memphis assistant coach Mike Miller is the “recruiting king” after helping land a class last year that included No. 1 recruit James Wiseman and now being positioned to land Green.

“I do not know what he is telling kids, but he is really building relationships,” Peek said.

Green, who will play at the Marshall County Hoopfest in December and McCracken County Mustang Madness in January, has set a decision date for Dec. 25.

“The longer it goes on, the better chances Kentucky has. He is going to watch and look at what is going on this season before he makes his decision even though I am not sure it will go on all the way to Christmas,” Peek said.


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  1. Alarming trend could continue….a coach with one year’s experience could be stealing another recruit from Cal’s target list. Does this suggest that Mike Miller is a better recruiter than anyone currently on Cal’s staff? I am sure the Rah, Rah’s will continue to say the sky is still not falling.

    1. The TROLL speaks again.

      1. I hope you can find a friend soon.

    2. At this point, we are not even sure UK will need him. If some of the players stick around another year, I would rather have them than a green freshman. If he does choose Memphis, it will be because he sees more playing time; not necessarily because any at Memphis recruits better. Miller is a great recruiter, but Memphis still has to turn in some great seasons of winning to continue their recruiting success.

      1. OldFan you are right. Way too early to over worry

      2. Did you catch that Catman and Mike?

  2. Mike were not hurting when it comes to guard position for this class. As far Memphis getting him so be it. Not all recruits are fit to play for the cats.

  3. Just like Pup to worry about the peas and carrots when the steak is what is missing from this picture. Mike gets it, but Mike knows a little about basketball.

    1. BUT, he doesn’t now as much as YOU.
      Of that, there can be no doubt.

      1. Hornet, did your mother have any children that lived?

        1. That island your on is getting pretty obvious Catman. Not many on this site agree with your nonsense. And probably about 99% of BBN don’t either. Tell us your real name.

  4. JMO, don’t think we need to get too far in the future as regards loss of recruits to other schools when there is a long way to go till decision time…no one wants to come across as “Chicken Little” on this matter.

    1. Two already have hfb.

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