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Kahlil Whitney is a jokester, clown, drummer

McDonalds High School All American forward Kahlil Whitney (2) takes a selfie with guard Scottie Lewis (23) on portrait day at the 2019 McDonalds All American Game. (Mandatory Credit: Brian Spurlock-McDonalds)


With Kentucky not adding another big to the 2019-20 roster, there’s already been a lot of speculation about whether Khalil Whitney can play extended minutes at power forward and give coach John Calipari the option to play more small ball this year.

But what does Whitney like to do away from basketball before he gets caught up in the hype that will be part of UK basketball this season with the big expectations on Calipari’s team again?

“I am a big family oriented guy. I have a sister and two brothers. I am always around the house watching Netflix, playing Fortnight, stuff like that,” Whitney said.

“A lot of people don’t know that I play the drums. I just like to put a smile on your face. I am a jokester, a clown. I like making people laugh and stuff like that. I am just a fun guy.”

Whitney said he learned to learned to play the drums at church since he spent so much time there.

“I started off with a bongo when I was in church. After that when I was old enough to stay on rhythm, I took drum classes,” Whitney said. “I used to play at church on Sundays with the choir and stuff like that.”

Does he sing?

“I don’t sing. My mom is the singer,” Whitney said.

Kentucky sophomore guard Immanuel Quickley also taught himself to play  drums as a child and also played the drums in church like Whitney did.

“Maybe me and Quickley can get something going for BBN,” Whitney said.


  1. No question that his athleticism is off the charts, however what I think he is going to surprise everyone with is his mid range jump shot and pressure defense. He sure passes the look test.

    1. Agree on his defense, kind of wait and see on that shot

  2. Mike and Catmandoo eat your out that’s why Cal recruits a good kid with a great head on its shoulder regardless he’s a or not.

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