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Maci Morris might not know how “beloved” she is by UK fans

Maci Morris has a lot of fans of all ages. (Larry Vaught Photo)


When her daughter, Maci Morris, was a huge hit with fans at the Ohio UK Convention, it was no surprise to Patti Morris.

“We go places and teenagers and kids just mob her at the malls, so I am kind of used to it,” Patti Morris said. “It’s always nice to see she is appreciated. The fans who have watched her, it’s great. She is a tremendous person and they see that. They love her.”

Morris was sensational her four years at UK after earning Miss Basketball honors at Bell County High School. She’s now getting ready to embark on a professional career in Italy.

“When you are at Kentucky you are surrounded by so many fans and you have people come up to you all the time and show and explain how much they love Kentucky basketball and watching you play and things like that,” Maci Morris said. “It’s a blessing and I am so appreciative of all the fans. I wouldn’t say I am surprised any more by the attention from fans because they were great the whole time I was at Kentucky.”

Morris could have left UK after her freshman season when numerous players and assistant coaches left for various reasons. Instead, she stayed and became an all-SEC player.

“That took guts to do that. Loyalty,” Patti Morris said. “Probably more fans appreciate what she did than she knows. It speaks to her character but she is that kind of person to stick with you. When the going gets tough, she will be there for you.

“I don’t think she really knows how beloved she is by fans. She probably has not had time to reflect on that yet but I can see everywhere how much the fans do love her and that means a lot to me.”

If you are a Maci Morris fan, she has her own sports apparel brand now. The logo —designed by former UK teammate Mackenzie Cann — looks like the mountains to reflect Morris’ eastern Kentucky roots.

“I am not designing clothes. I am just selling some athletic wear with my logo on it that I think people will like,” Morris said.

Go to to see more about her brand.


  1. Larry, absolutely accurate were your kind words about Maci Morris; I had always enjoyed watching her play basketball for UK. However, I had not met her until this past March after her final home game. Then when she participated in Ohio’s
    Annual UK Convention, I fully realized that this young lady not only can star
    on the basketball court, she can “melt your heart”. We’ve never had a more
    courteous and gracious speaker/participant than # 4. For example, she not only signed autographs and had her picture taken with adults, she was a hit with our younger attendees.
    Best of luck as Maci begins her professional career in Italy, and God bless her.
    Jim Porter

    1. You described her perfectly Jim

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