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Maria Montgomery will anchor new weekly UK-related sports show on FOX 56

Maria Montgomery with Derrick Johnson, left, and Dan Reiffer. (FOX 56 Photo)


Boyle County’s Maria Montgomery, the 2009 Miss Kentucky USA, will be the host for a new TV show — “Out of Bounds” – on Lexington’s FOX 56 with Fox Sports anchor Dan Rieffer and former Harrodsburg High School and Kentucky football player Derrick Johnson every Sunday from 10:30-11 p.m. beginning Aug. 25.

“Maria’s role on the show will be as main host. She will kind of set up things for Derrick and me to weigh in on,” Rieffer said. “But she’ll also have opportunities to offer her opinion.”

Meshing three personalities who have not worked together before is not an easy endeavor. For a weekly sports TV show, it can be even more difficult if the chemistry is not right.

“Maria and Derrick both have great personalities. We want their personalities to shine,” Rieffer said. “I’ve kind of come to be known for bringing a lot of energy. I intend to continue to bring that. The idea is for us to be ourselves and have fun. We hope it comes across as a group of friends discussing UK sports and other things that everyone can relate to.”

The show’s focus will be mainly on UK football and basketbal.

“We’ll look back at what stood out from the slate of college football and basketball games from Saturday and look ahead to the following week. Then we’ll show a few of the most interesting/entertaining videos from social media from the week and react to them,” Rieffer said.

“If there are any hot sports topics locally or nationally, we’ll give our takes. Sometimes those topics could be outside the world of sports, like pop culture, but no politics. Our goal is to keep things fun and lighthearted.”

Rieffer thinks Montgomery is a “great fit” for numerous reasons, including her TV experience.

“She co-hosted a show with me on FOX a couple years ago called ‘Spirit of the Derby’ and did well. Also,with our show taking the place of the last half hour of our 10 p.m. news, she gives us an opportunity to keep some of our female news audience that might tune out if it’s just dudes talking sports,” Rieffer said.

“Maria has grown up around UK sports, so she knows a thing or two about it. And this show isn’t going to be a deep dive into stats or X’s and O’s. Again, her female point of view helps balance things out with Derrick and me and hopefully keep women interested in watching. If she has ideas on more female-centric interests or topics, we’ll definitely be open to delving into those.”


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