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Mark Stoops — with big assist from his wife Chantel — creates family atmosphere for UK football

Coach John Schlarman with his wife,Lee Anne Schlarman, and four children. (Vicky Graff Photo)


Lee Anne Schlarman appreciates a lot of things that Kentucky head coach Mark Stoops has done for her husband, UK offensive line coach John Schlarman, during the last year as he has battled cancer.

However, she knows Stoops creates a unique family atmosphere for all his coaches and their families.

“It’s really quite the family and we have enjoyed. All our kids are such good friends,” said Lee Anne Schlarman. “It is so nice that their family is in the same stage of life that our family is in.

“There are times John is at practice and Mark says, ‘It’s time to go home and see your family.’ His son and our son play on the same flag football team and Mark will walk by and say, ‘Come on John. Let’s go watch our kids play flag football.’ That is pretty special.”

She says Chantel Stoops, the head coach’s wife, is “fabulous” with what she does, too.

“She does a good job getting the families together. With all the kids, her house is really the only one that can handle all the entertainment, so we go over there quite a bit,” Lee Anne Schlarman said. “We just try to have a good time together.”

That’s not always easy after a loss because the wives have to find ways to get past the loss, too.

“Sometimes when we lose we would go to one of the coach’s house and just hang out. The coaches go into the office and watch film and get past the loss because they have another game to get ready for,” Lee Anne Schlarman said.

“We are at home and I read the paper and watch TV and see what is being said. It just helps that we get together and Chantel says she thinks it will be fine. She’s so positive. Then we move on. too.

“It’s a good group to talk it out and move past the loss like our husbands do. Losses sting but they have to move on and figure out how to win the next game and the families have to do the same thing.”

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  1. Like to hear that. Nothing on this earth more important than family.

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