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N’Faly Dante “more of a luxury than necessity” for UK


Basketball recruiting writer Chris Fisher of the CatsPause/247 Network had an update on five-star center N’Faly Dante, who is contemplating a move to the 2019 recruiting class where he would likely pick either UK or Oregon, when he joined me on the Leach Report Wednesday.

Fisher said Dante still had a couple of “academic hurdles” to clear but is scheduled to find out his college entrance exam scores this weeks. Fisher said he thinks Dante has two more weeks of summer school needed to finish classes to graduate so he can reclassify. Kentucky starts classes Aug. 26.

“I think provided he clears all the hurdles he will make the move to 2019,” Fisher said.

“At this point, he’s more of a luxury than necessity for Kentucky. He would not start from day one but he could sure provided a lot of help for Kentucky or any team.”

I think he’s right. Kentucky has Nick Richards, EJ Montgomery and Nate Sestina. Keion Brooks Jr. and Kahlil Whitney are strong, physical player. Dante could turn into a special talent and be a boost, but UK should have plenty inside next season if he does not reclassify or does reclassify and doesn’t pick UK.


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  1. I think Dante is a necessity to restore Cal’s ability to attract and get a quality Big.
    Sestina should be capable of fighting and contributing but Richards and Montgomery haven’t shown the mental and physical toughness and consistency yet.

  2. Oregon trending for five-star center N’Faly Dante

    Hard to say if he will reclassify, or where he will go, but it seems to be either UK or Oregon, and according to this article, he is trending toward Oregon.

    1. A quality Big trending away from UK again…SHOCKING…Cal is getting a lot of positive press for recruiting successes lately but still missing out where it really counts. #9 not forthcoming until that gets reversed.

  3. Dante would be a nice addition. That said, UK has quality bigs already on the team, and Calipari is still an ace recruiter. No. 9 is right around the corner boys.

  4. We will be fine regardless we get him or not. I like the roster we got now.

  5. I value the judgment of 247 Sports about on a par with espn. In other words………worthless.
    You have it right LP. If not this kid, move on. His is not the only resume out there!

    1. I hope he reclassifies and sign’s with Kentucky so I can bust Mike’s A$$. If he signs with Oregon, so be it, it’s his mistake. I won’t lose any sleep. That said, two on this site say our UK coach has lost his recruiting touch, REALLY?

      1. Pup……you have 2 chances and you know what they are. It will be me kickin yours as usual.

        1. We’ll see. You are the one who says Cal can’t recruit. You have just recently been proven wrong again on that point alone, and basically had to admit it. How does that foot taste Mike? Also, you better hope Dante picks Oregon with the way you have popped off. I will own you if he chooses Kentucky. But UK is loaded and ready to hang another banner in the rafters of Rupp even if he don’t.

            • Mike on August 1, 2019 at 9:10 pm

            You are too insecure to own anyone…rah, rah!

            • HORNET1 on August 1, 2019 at 10:13 pm

            You already own Mike.
            With all due respect, that’s nothing to brag about.
            Mike’s an easy target.

          1. Take it easy on Mike Hornet, he’s sensitive. Get’s his feelings hurt.

  6. Poor Cal…Sounds like he’s lost he touch.
    Right, Catman?
    LMAO !!!

  7. Plain and simple, it’s a great time to be a Big Blue basketball fan.

  8. It’s funny when Boston chose he be playing for the cats. Mike and Catmandoo didn’t say a word on the post

    1. Crickets

  9. Ok you bunch of Rah Rahs. Calipari himself said if you don’t have a dominant big man you are a pretender and not a contender. Mike is right, as usual, Cal has lost the ability to bring quality bigs to UK. He literally wasted Reid’s talent last year and now Reid is paying for it. Sestina will be the next victim. From this point on, NO TOP TIER BIG WILL EVER PLAY FOR UK AS LONG AS CALIPARI IS THE COACH. We will not make another Final 4 much less win a national title until Cal moves on to the NBA. We are doomed to second weekend exits from the Big Dance. Thank God that will only be a couple of more years. Bring on Billy Donovan! Then all of you Rah Rahs will need to become Lousyville Rah Rahs, because BBN will remember you for the cancers that you are and have been to our beloved program. Rah, Rah, Rah!!!

    1. Catman, last I counted, he has three big men on the roster now. EJ and Nick will have a banner year, and Sestina will be just what the doctor ordered for a final 4 run, and a national championship. Dante is not out of the picture yet either. UK will have strong players on the wings and in the backcourt. A recipe for some serious damage in 2019-20. Get a life. How about a little honesty for a change.

      As for Billy Donovan, he don’t want the job because he was already offered and declined. Look at the job he has done with the Thunder, not exactly stellar. Donovan couldn’t carry Calipari’s water hoss. Besides Calipari is a lifer at UK, remember? He has a lifetime contract and going nowhere. Go ahead and cry like the little cry baby you are. Spew some more hatred for our HOF coach.

      1. Your earlier statement that UK does have quality bigs was as wrong as many other misplaced statements you continue to make on this site. EJ and Nick SO FAR have only looked the part. They both came in over rated because of their height and length. They seem to be fighting contact demons, mostly Nick, between their ears. Cal continues to slide with securing highly touted Bigs. It will take some time for him even to get to .500…still more quality misses than hits and now many of the pundits are giving UO the edge with Dante. Cal has been snake bit with Bigs, and he knows it.

        1. Tell us, oh great one, your athletic background. Tell us Mike, super star right? We never hear much about that, yet you are such an expert on players and coaches.

            • Mike on August 4, 2019 at 12:54 pm

            Talent on loan from God

  10. Pup, lifetime is spelled 3 more years and Calipari will leave the college game on his own accord. Billy Donovan will be the next coach at UK and then what will become of you? After badmouthing Billy like you have and no doubt will continue to do, me thinks he won’t want you on his Rah Rah team. Donovan will go own to be coach at UK for 20 years and will win 5 national titles over that time. That will put us ahead of UCLA in titles won and will keep us as the all time winningest program in college basketball and we will be recognized as the true gold standard in the college game. I am sure that Lousyville will be happy for you to join their Rah Rah team.

    1. We’ll see. Catman, really? You and Mike are the only two on this site that trash everything involving UK sports; all the time. Both coaches and players. Even before the seasons and games are even played. We all know who the trolls are on this site. Your words ring hollow. A real fan supports the team, especially when times are real good, like right now. Tell us your real name if you have the guts. Macy has guts, and shared his views about this UK program. I respect him for that. I personally don’t believe you got within 50 miles of a UK uniform.

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