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Past history, NFL rosters could give Cats reason to worry about Toledo

Terry Wilson will start his second season at UK against Toledo Saturday. (Vicky Graff Photo)


If Kentucky coach Mark Stoops is worried about his players overlooking Toledo — and he said Monday he was not — in Saturday’s season-opening game he could just remind his players about what happened in 2015.

That’s the last time Toledo opened the season on the road against a Southeastern Conference team. Toledo was a 21-point underdog against No. 18 Arkansas — and won 16-12.

If that’s not enough, Toledo currently still has 21 former players on NFL rosters. Kentucky has 20.

Stoops said all it took for his players to respect Toledo was to watch game film from last year.

“Our players know good football, teams that put you in predicaments, the way they execute. That’s what it comes down to. It’s not hard for our players to get their attention,” Stoops said. “No matter who we’re playing, we’re really worried about us, putting ourselves in the best situation to play the best football we can.”

Stoops is big on his team not beating itself and stresses that. One way he does that is every week during the season he puts together a film clip to show his players.

“I take things from around college football, put out a football IQ, just show them video, things that happened,” Stoops said. “Late hits, turnovers, just things of that nature, where we all coach hard to avoid.

“Things happen. Believe me, I know we’ve been on other people’s football IQ tests, too. We’re far from perfect, but we’re going to certainly point them out to them.”


  1. I agree that you have to respect all your opponents! Look at the Tigers beating Houston and Justin Verlander, when no one gave them a chance. Toledo also has a former Kentucky player on their roster. No one including Alabama and Clemson have earned the right to look past an opponent!

    That being said, If you are going to take a step to the next level in the SEC, you have to beat convincingly the lower level conference teams. Kentucky is trying to earn respect and upgrade their image in college football. It all starts this Saturday. We will see if Stoops and company can keep from taking a step back.

    I think the Cats will win big this Saturday. It is going to be fun and that is the way it should be in all sports.

    1. Great points Ben

  2. Me thinks Bama and Clemson can look past a third of their schedules. They will play for the title again. Will Bama regain their edge?

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