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Recruiting writer Krysten Peek believes Cam’Ron Fletcher was “huge get” for Kentucky

Cam’Ron Fletcher (Nike Photo)

By LARRY VAUGHT recruiting writer Krysten Peek believes 6-6, 210-pound forward Cam’ron Fletcher of St. Louis was a “huge get” for Kentucky.

Fletcher because the second verbal commit in UK’s 2020 recruiting class when he joined guard Brandon Boston on John Calipari’s list.

“I love him,” Peek said. “Everyone just thought Michigan State had him locked up, but he was waiting for that Kentucky offer. Once he got that offer, it was over.”

Peek thinks he could be a perfect fit for Calipari’s system.

“He is big but he has a great inside-out game. He’s learning to stretch his game beyond the 3-point line,” Peek said. “He’s great in the pick and roll. He needs to defend better inside.”

What about his outside shot? Is it suspect?

“I worry about every player’s shot. He is very coachable and I think he will be fine,” Peek said. “I see all these kids play so much. I have seen Cam knock down four 3’s in a game and then next game not hit the side of a barn.

“Cal likes the challenge of developing post players into shooters. PJ (Washington) developed a nice touch outside of the key as a big last year. That one thing the NBA scouts would tell me about PJ. They had not seen a lot of him shooting outside the key but they could see he had a nice touch last year that he did not have in high school.”

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  1. Fletcher will be a nice addition. A pretty impressive player with size, and a “big” with great potential. Fletcher will be a nice addition. He will do well in Calipari’s system. The UK offer sealed the deal too. Glad he will be a Kentucky Wildcat. The kid wants to play for Calipari, win a national championship, and get ready for the NBA. Good luck young man.

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