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Stories only remind us just how unique/special Jared Lorenzen was

Jared Lorenzen (UK Athletics Photo)


Dick Gabriel was on the field for most of Jared Lorenzen’s games at Kentucky with his roles with WKYT-TV and the UK Radio Network.

“People who saw him play will never forget him … a guy his size just shouldn’t have been able to do the things on a football field that he did and yet, there he was every Saturday, seemingly defying the laws of football physics. People who will see him only on YouTube or SEC Network reruns will know they missed witnessing someone truly special,” Gabriel said.

One of Gabriel’s unique memories came in an interview with Lorenzen, who died last month at age 38, in 2002 after UK started 4-0. Lorenzen admitted the biggest difference in his play from 2001 when UK won just two games was he knew the plays.

He said he didn’t “know the plays” the year before when he still threw for nearly 2,200 yards and 19 scores. Just imagine if he had “known the plays” then.

Lexington Herald-Leader columnist Mark Story still remembers a 65-yard throw Lorenzen made in the 1998 Class AAA state title game against Waggener.

“The ball had no air under it at all. It was an absolute missile. Before or after, I do not think I’ve seen a pass quite like that,” Story said.

Just like we probably will never see a player again quite like Lorenzen.


  1. He was a gun slinger for sure. A UK great. Left us all way to soon.

  2. He beat Alabama at Alabama….a feat not soon to be duplicated.

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