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Super trio not likely to play together in college

Brandon Boston


Some believe that 2020 recruits Brandon “B.J.” Boston, Josh Christopher and Jalen Green could all play together in college as they have talked about. recruiting writer Krysten Peek is not one of them. She just thinks the three top 10 players would not fit together that well.

Peek has seen Christopher and Green “teasing fans on Twitter” about playing together and/or playing with Boston, who is verbally committed to Kentucky.

“They are kind of similar players, so I can’t see both of them fitting into the same team and it definitely is not going to happen with Boston and both of them,” Peek said.

“When you look at the super recruiting class at Duke last year, they were all five stars but all four played different positions. All three of them (Boston, Christopher, Green) all basically play the same position and I just cannot see all three of them sharing time together.”

Krysten Peek thinks Dashien Nix can be an amazing college point guard. ( Photo)

She could see Las Vegas point guard Dashien Nix and Boston easily in the same backcourt. She calls that a “dream backcourt” from what she’s seen.

“The main reservation about Nix is his shot. He’s kind of like a poor man’s Ashton Hagans. He’s not a great outside shot,” Peek said.

Nix does not yet have a Kentucky scholarship offer but he does have offers from Kansas, Arizona, LSU, West Virginia, Oklahoma, Gonzaga and UNLV among others.

“I have seen him play AAU and with his high school team and he always knows where everybody wants the ball, where to throw it,” Peek said. “He is an unbelievable point guard with great court vision. He is so nice, too.  I think he’s going to be an amazing college player.”


  1. Can’t say I agree with this speculation at all with non positional basketball being the rage today.

  2. Non positional basketball is a bunch of hooey. A 6’8″ 190 pound guy can’t guard a 6’11” 250 pound guy. There aren’t many Magic Johnson’s who can play point. Calipari introduced that idea to cover up his inability to recruit elite bigs. We didn’t have anyone at any position that could guard Duke’s 3 headed monster last year or anyone else on that team that gave us a first class asswhooping. If you think that was an aberration wait and see what Michigan State does to us this year.

    1. * Saved in the archives for later replay.

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