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UK commit Cam’Ron Fletcher a “tantalizing talent”

Cam’Ron Fletcher (Nike Photo)


Recent University of Kentucky commit Cam’Ron Fletcher knows a little bit already about playing in the spotlight.

He averaged 16.8 points and 3.8 rebounds per game last season when Vashon High School in St. Louis won the Missouri 3A state championship. He averaged 11.8 points, 6.5 rebounds and 1.4 assists per game this summer in the Nike Elite Youth Basketball League.

The 6-6, 210-pound Fletcher had North Carolina, Kansas, Michigan State, Missouri and Purdue among his 20-some scholarship offers before he verbally committed to Kentucky after making an official visit.

“Cam is a tantalizing talent and when things are really going for him he can make such a huge impact scoring the ball in the interior. He’s a sensational weak-side shot blocker on the defensive end,” said David Kvidahl of and the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

Kvidahl should know since he has seen Fletcher play more than 20 times in his career. That includes seeing some games when he was not at his best.

“There are those days where he would disappear against good opponents — last year against East St. Louis for instance. Cam had his breakaway dunk swatted from behind into the student section and when the home crowd went wild he sort of withered,” Kvidahl said.

“It was a full house against an opponent that would go on to win the Class 3A Illinois state title and he was MIA (missing in action) after that blocked shot. He wasn’t the only one who had a tough time that night but that did stand out to me.

“Now that he’s being counted on as a senior leader, I’m interested to see how he steps into that role for a program with the highest of expectations. Vashon is chasing an undefeated season.”


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  1. Wonder if this kid has anymore growth in him? If he ended up another inch or two, we would all freak out-wow!

    1. From what I hear, he does have the potential for some more growth

  2. The GOOD news…Cal seemed satisfied with the first decade. The BAD new…he is energized for the 2nd decade..LOL

    1. Typical of you Mike, the article is about a player, and his talent, but you make it all about Calipari. You just can’t leave it alone can you?

      1. Just happy to get a raise out of you.

  3. Mike , Cal isn’t giving out money to the recent recruits we lost too. NOW THERES REPOERTS OF Washington and Oregon has give out cash to the recently recruits we have loss too.

  4. Cats, The Couch Coach is so much more intelligent than any professional , actual coach in college sports that you must be impressed with each and every comment he makes here at VV’s. I especially was impressed by his conclusion that UK men’s basketball could lose as many as eight conference games last season.
    Putting it mildly, the guy is a dumb, insecure, glorified a-hole who’s afraid to admit he’s made an error!!

    1. You should have more respect for Pup than you apparently do..Rah, Rah!

  5. Since we can’t recruit elite bigs anymore, we might as well feed Miracle Gro to what we do have and hope it does the same thing to our roster that it does to tomatoes.

    1. What is your real name?

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