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Kentucky needs Jordan Wright to continue doing “good job”

Mark Stoops says Jordan Wright (15) did a “good job” in UK’s first game. (UK Athletics Photo)


Before the season started, Kentucky coach Mark Stoops said he felt sophomore linebacker Jordan Wright was ready to become a big-time player for the Wildcats.

He’s a three-star recruit from Florida who redshirted his first year and played in nine games making four tackles last year.

Wright got extensive playing time in last week’s win over Toledo and finished with two solo tackles, four assists and one tackle for loss.

“He did a good job. I was pleased with him. He can play either side and we need him to play well and he’s a different type of player than Josh Pascal. So I was really encouraged with the way he played,” Stoops said.

“And he’s got to continue. He’s got to continue to push, so let’s not be too nice to him right now.”

Translation: Don’t praise Wright so much that he will not be tempted to think he can relax and quit working as hard as he has been to get to where he is now.

Defensive coordinator Brad White says Wright needs to learn to use his length evenmore.

“I think that using his length and using his strength and there’s a techniques that Brad will give him where if you’re not using the full length on your pass rush and things like that, it’s not going to help him,” Stoops said.

“So if he’s 6-5, we want him to play that way and with the wing span.”

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