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A.J. Rose, Kavosiey Smoke are “both good players”

A.J. Rose (Vicky Graff Photo)


After three so-so games for junior running back A.J. Rose, he gained 108 yards on only nine carries in last week’s loss at Mississippi State.

Never mind that many UK fans had been calling for Kavosiey Smoke to get more carries by taking some away from Rose.

“AJ started the game with a nice run, nice near leg, near shoulder. Gave a good physical shed. He shed that tackle and got an extra four yards on the first run of the game,” Kentucky coach Mark Stoops said. “Later he obviously had many more explosives.

“He had the yardage he did. He averaged almost 11 yards per rush. That’s again where everybody can see that now.”

That set off a short rant from Stoops over fans suggesting who he shoudl or should not play.

“I think y’all do when you make assumptions with Kavosiey and AJ or AJ and Kavosiey. They’re both good players. They’re both gonna play. Everyone gets all bent out of shape. Some days somebody is gonna rip off some explosives.” Stoops said.

“Another day it’s a different guy. It’s good to see them both doing that. Because Kavosiey’s average was through the roof, as well on certain game. So they’re both good players.”

Stoops also got running back Chris Rodriguez in for a few plays, his first action since he lost two fumbles earlier this season.

“It was good to see him get back in and get some touches. Did some good things. A couple of good protections. I think he missed one, but gotta bring him along as well,” Stoops said.


  1. I like both backs, however would prefer Smoke and Rodriguez do the pounding in the red zone. Hope the play calling picks up since IMHO we’ve appeared to be too predictable in the last two games-go Cats.

    1. Our offense with Stoops/Gran in charge has been too predictable last couple years…total lacking in creativity and deceit..way too vanilla. One of the easier coaching challenges out there would have to be opposing DC’s game planning for them.

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