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Can anyone really get Cade Cunningham away from Oklahoma State?

Cade Cunningham (USA Basketball)


As soon as Oklahoma State added Cannen Cunningham to its basketball coaching staff in June, the theory was that five-star Cade Cunningham — a top five player in the 2020 recruiting class — would join his older brother and play for the Cowboys.

It’s almost October and Cade Cunningham remains uncommitted with Kentucky and North Carolina continuing to recruit him like both believe they can secure his commitment.

But can anybody really beat Oklahoma State for the talented guard?

“Cade Cunningham is the best perimeter player in the 2020 class,” said recruiting writer David Sisk. “He can play some point guard if needed.

“There is still some debate about whether (former UK recruiting target) Josh Christopher is a point guard. He is also a scorer and I do not know how well he sets the table for others. He gets to the rim and needs the ball. But Cunningham is a true combo guard.”

Sisk believes Cunningham does remains Calipari’s top choice for a point guard in the 2020 class with Devin Askew, who will make his college choice in October, the next option even though Askew has said he’ll stay in the 2021 recruiting class.

Despite no decision from Cade Cunningham, count Sisk as one who believes he ends up at Oklahoma State — the same thing another recruiting writer, Krysten Peek, told me a month ago when speculation started that he might not pick Oklahoma State.

“His brother was brought in for one reason and that was to get him to come to school at Oklahoma State,” Sisk said. “No matter what I hear, I just have a hard time believing that he will end up anywhere else. I guess something could happen with Oklahoma State’s season but I just don’t see Kentucky or North Carolina getting him.”

Seems logical to me except after losing high profile players like James Wiseman last year when Calipari thought he land him, it also seems logical that Calipari has reasons to continue to recruit Cunningham so hard because he certainly has cut ties with other top players he felt he was not going to sign.


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  1. Consensus building that Todd will be going to UNC..if true Cal continues to add to his whiff list of quality bigs and that continues to be unbelievable.

    1. Todd might but not really sure if it is a must any more to have a dominant big to win a title

      1. Calipari said it is. His statement was if you don’t have a dominant big guy, you are a pretender, not a contender…his words, not mine.

        1. Ditto Larry Vaught. It didn’t help Duke now did it.

            • Mike on September 28, 2019 at 1:13 am

            But it did help KU when he was healthy didn’t it? I think Cal wears beef repellent.

    2. As much as I’ve heard that recently I find it very hard to believe.North Carolina will be absolutely loaded in the front court and as good as he is He’s still going to struggle to find playing time. Only way he goes to Chapel Hill IMO is if he can play the three in college.

  2. Mike I know we miss some bigs last year. Most of the bigs that Cal is recruiting for next class won’t make announced there school untell the spring signing period. That’s way he hadn’t sign one yet. Hopefully he gets a big man by then.

  3. Mike, our tell it like it is style unnerves most on this site. Its not that I want us to be also rans, that is just what Calipari produces these days. Many here are so desperately clinging to their hopes that Calipari is going to get his act together, but he is a one title and done coach. He said himself…if you don’t have a dominant big, you are a pretender instead of a contender. It’s amazing how most ignore his comment and still hope for their miracle. 3 more years of Calipari is going to be hard to stomach, but better days are ahead when Billy Donovan comes to town.

    1. Catmandoo will you get off your high horse and quit l urking ahead three years from now. Let’s enjoy the present time, the earth may freeze over in three years who knows

      1. Cats79, why don’t you join Hornet on the winner takes off wager that we have going?

        1. Typo, the winner takes all and stays here, the loser leaves the site for good.

  4. Todd is an excellent player and a big prize if UNCheats lands him. Lets not deceive ourselves, this guy is a player, and one I would hate to lose out on. Cunningham still might end up with us and that would certainly make things interesting…must admit though, I sure like Mann out of Canada.

    1. UNCheats lol. I mean seriously of all schools you’re one to talk. Your tainted history speaks for itself. Not to mention UNC is a top five public academic institution in our country always has been always will be. Somehow statistics don’t say the same in Lexington. Maybe too much Kentucky bourbon?

      1. Hey noel, did you ever hear about the fake classes that date back to the Dean Smith era, or has your head been buried in the sand. Maybe that is how they have bolstered their academic claim, because that is all it is. UNC is fortunate they didn’t get the death penalty. If we had a fair “play by the rules” enforcement institution, instead of the play favorites NCAA, you would be crying like a baby instead of coming on this site and pushing your BS. Go get on a UNC site hoss.

  5. Noelhayes a top five cheating intuitions that is. Give me a break with all the evidence that NCAA had they just swept under the rug gave Roy a hug. Smhh

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