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Cats insist they can “bounce back” from Florida loss

T.J. Carter  (90) can’t explain how much the Florida loss hurt. (Vicky Graff Photo)


The worst thing for Kentucky football now would be to let the disappointing 29-21 loss to Florida to turn into losses at Mississippi State this week or South Carolina the following week.

“We’re just going to bounce back and come back prepared,” defensive lineman Kordell Looney said Saturday night. “The game plan moving forward is just whatever Coach wants.

“Games like this happen. Next time we are going to come more prepared and work harder. That’s all we can do. I told my team we just need to come back next week and work harder. It’s going to hurt, but we will bounce back.”

Does Looney believe that? I truly think so and so do his teammates.

“We have a lot of potential. We just have to make better decisions,” defensive back Brandin Echols said. “We have to work harder and come with a different mindset than we had last week. We have to involve everybody.
“It’s going to take all of us to get this win against Mississippi State, so we need to make sure we focus on getting everybody right. We have to keep moving forward and not look in the past.”

Again, easier said than done because blowing that 21-10 lead against the No. 9 Gators is not an easy memory to erase for players, coaches or fans.

Just ask defensive tackle T.J. Carter, who got the controversial targeting call that wiped out a quarterback sack that likely would have stopped Florida’s go-ahead scoring drive. It also means he will miss the first half of Saturday’s game at Mississippi State.

“It’s a feeling I can’t explain. It’s part of the game, the ups and downs. We just have to get back to the lab Monday,” Carter said. “Look where we came up short and correct it. We can’t let this turn into two losses, so we have to respond and fix it.

“We felt really good going into the fourth quarter.  We just got to look at the tape, clean some things up, and we’ll be okay.”


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  1. I’m more of a believer now than I was before the Florida game. Go Big Blue!! It’s going to be another great season.

    1. So am I Mocat

  2. If you are a competitor, you are always looking for the next opportunity to show what you can do.
    UK is better than Florida, they just beat themselves.
    Now they need to go prove they are better than the next opponent.

  3. We were better than Florida for 3 quarters, then we give up 3 touchdowns to a backup quarterback. It was a tough game for Sawyer to start, he probably tried to do to much, but he showed he could play. We went into our classic “play not to lose” strategy on both sides of the ball in the 4th quarter and it beat us. We have to continue to score, even with a 4th quarter lead and not worry about running the score up. Nobody really expected us to win this game, so on to the next one that we do have to win to get a decent bowl game. There is a lot to learn from, both good and bad, from this game. Make the most of it and let Sawyer play and grow through his mistakes. We don’t have to win them all, but 7 or 8 wins should be the goal for this team and then win a good bowl game.

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