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Columnists blast UK for taking no action against Kash Daniel

Kash Daniel, center. (Vicky Graff Photo)


Orlando Sentinel columnist Mike Bianchi and Louisville Courier-Journal columnist Tim Sullivan both blasted Kentucky for not taking any disciplinary action against senior linebacker Kash Daniel after video showed him twisting the ankle of Florida quarterback Kyle Trask in last week’s game.

Bianchi wrote that Daniel “clearly and purposely” tried to twist Trask’s ankle after a failed 2-point conversion. Daniel denied the allegation Wednesday but video the next day seems to make it clear he did twist the quarterback’s ankle.

“Sadly, not Stoops, Kentucky’s administration or the conference office did anything of substance to penalize Daniel,” Bianchi wrote. “Memo to the SEC: If you’re going to preach player safety, then do something about incidents like this.

“If you’re going to suspend players for unintentional targeting while trying to make legitimate plays, why wouldn’t you suspend a player for intentionally and illegitimately trying to hurt another player after the whistle has blown?”

My guess is that others are asking the same question. Certainly Sullivan was.

He wrote that what Daniel said after practice about the incident was “clearly a crock” and added that UK’s action “were consistent with the perception that coaches dispense discipline based on how badly they need a particular player.”

Again, it’s easy to see how many feel that way. Look at the way Duke basketball player Grayson Allen was demonized for his tripping incidents on the court.

As far as we all know, Daniel will be in the starting lineup today when Kentucky plays at Mississippi State. Stoops has disciplined players before and maybe he knows something about what happened this time that the rest of us don’t.

However, my guess is that this incident won’t go away any time soon and hopefully Daniel understands there’s no way there can be any more do-overs if he does something like that again.


  1. Did the big cry baby from Florida leave the game? No. So he wasn’t hurt was he? Much to do about very little. Why keep writing about it? Stuff like that happens all the time in a football game as important as that one was. Open your eyes and see. I have watched far worse than what Kash is accused of. Bianchi and particularly Sullivan, of the left leaning C-J, can go suck eggs and let Stoops take care of his team.

    I for one am glad Stoops stood up for his player. I hope he stands his ground too, in spite of the critical phonies. I also hope Kash arrives in a bad mood in Mississippi too. UK needs the mad dog from Paintsville this pm, and some UK haters know that. Some like Sullivan are real upset that UK football is rising up these days, and it bugs them. That is what this is all about, nothing more.

  2. What do you expect from Sullivan and The Courier Journal in Loserville!!! Kash didn’t start and Carter had to sit out first half. That had to have an effect in the first half. No excuse though for playing that poorly in the first half. GO CATS!!!

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