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Could 2021 point guard Devin Askew be next UK commit?


Just when it seems like the Kentucky basketball recruiting news can’t get any better, it might actually get better.

Now it is 2021 California five-star point guard Devin Askew who says he’s getting close to making his college choice and 247 Sports guru Evan Daniels has indicated he is leaning toward Kentucky even though Askew has yet to make a visit to Kentucky.

However, the big competition could be Louisville. Another 247 sports recruiting analyst, Andrew Slater, has made a pick for the Cardinals. So has well known national sports columnist Adam Zagoria. Askew has already visited Louisville and has a trip planned to Memphis Oct. 3 before going to Villanova the next day.

Askew, a top 10 player in the 2021 class, has decided to make his college choice soon and that would seem to indicate he might reclassify to the 2020 class like recent UK commit Terrence Clarke did. Calipari does not have a true point guard among his four 2020 commits and Askew could be the one he wants and gets.

Kentucky has a need for a point guard but Askew still seems enamored with Louisville in spite of not knowing what sanctions — if any — the NCAA might hit the Cardinals with.

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Kentucky also still needs bigs in its 2020 recruiting class to go with the one it has — Lance Ware. However, Minnesota prep standout Dawson Garcia announced his final seven schools Tuesday and Kentucky was not one of them.
Maybe it is because Kentucky seems in better than anticipated position with five-star power forward Isaiah Jackson. On Tuesday, though, Alabama — imagine UK losing a five-star player to Bama — got a prediction for Jackson from Slater even though the player has not yet made his visit to the Crimson Tide.

Kentucky has made offers to three other bigs in the 2020 class — Greg Brown, Isaiah Todd and Cliff Omoruri.


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  1. The lack of bigs and true point guards should not be a surprise. Cal has let his wings be ball hogs at the expense of rest of the team. Likewise, its no surprise that he is stockpiling wing players. This is not a recipe for a championship team. This will be painfully obvious when OAD ends with the 2022 draft. By then, BBN will be demanding another title and when none arrives…it will be decision time. Will BBN be happy with teams that win 20 games but also lose 10 with a national title every 20 years, or will we want more?

    1. Same ol’ same ol’ from Trollmandoo1000.

  2. Yawn!!

  3. Coach Calipari has been here for a decade. Everyone here knows and can recite his record.

    The only black mark on that record is “he has only delivered one” national championship in a decade. The criticism tends to move on to either a statement that with the talent he has had (That he recruited), he should have delivered more titles. Then he takes the criticism that he will not win another one because he does not recruit the type of talent that is necessary to win a title.

    I am confused. Is the hit on Calipari that he cannot recruit well enough to get that one aspect of his job done to the satisfaction of some fans, or is the hit on Calipari that he cannot win the big one even though he has recruited the talent required to do so, as some fans seem to argue. Ironically, I hear both arguments from the same fans.

    I hope Coach Calipari stays at UK for at least another decade, and a 3rd decade would not disappoint this fan, if the good Lord blesses me with that much time.

    1. Agree with your post Professor, you nailed it down pretty good.

    2. I’m with you prof

  4. Only two coaches has won multiple titles as the head coach in the UK story basketball history. That’s Rupp and Rick Pinto, Cal will join with these two before he retires mark my word.

    1. Pitino only won 1 title at UK in 1996.

      1. Your right old fan! should have won it in 92 and 97 but our luck wasn’t on our side.

  5. John Calipari is a good man, an average X and O coach, and his ability to recruit has narrowed to wings only. He was brought here to win national titles. His record speaks for itself…one and done.

    1. The sky is falling. The sky is falling in 2022 just you wait and see. Chickenlittle doodoo speaks again. Nothing new just poopmandoo

    2. Your man Catman only one two in 20 years at Florida, and that was with the same team. Calipari is right on schedule based on that fact. No. 9 just around the bend. He will win it with players he has recruited too, probably wings and guards, watch. Patience is a virtue.

  6. Great guy…..tireless worker and recruiter…better than average coach…..for some reason/reasons fails to get the beef….jinxed like we are with UT and few others.

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