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Defensive line did “good things” but has “issues” still to fix

Kordell Looney is one of UK’s defensive linemen coach Mark Stoops is counting on to improve this week. (Vicky Graff Photo)


Kentucky’s defensive line led by nose guard Quinton Bohana was expected to be a major team strength this year for the Wildcats.

Against Toledo, Kentucky gave up two early touchdown drives before the front started to get more pressure on the quarterback and help shut down the offense.

Kentucky coach Mark Stoops thought the unit did “some good things” has to continue to progress this week against Eastern Michigan.

“There’s some issues that we will get fixed, where we got to make the trip, so to speak, you know what I mean? They didn’t get to where they need to to cut things off,” Stoops said. “Our rush lanes were a little sloppy at times.

“We’re getting past the quarterback a little bit. With a guy like that that can scramble, we got to be a little more disciplined. There’s things we’ll get fixed.”

Still, it’s not like he is ready to give up on the defensive front.

“Pretty solid in just predictable run situations. They had some yards, but in college football you have to count the quarterback, so it’s not like we’re living in La La Land or something, you know. The quarterback runs in college football. It’s just the way it is. So you better account for him,” Stoops said.

“But there’s also real problems if there’s running and predictable running and they’re running the ball at you, and that really wasn’t too much of the case. I thought we were pretty stout in the predictable run situations.”

It was the first game for new defensive coordinator Brad White and Stoops thought he did a “nice” job in his coordinator debut.

“He had some things, some tweaks to what we do defensively that made them a little uncomfortable and made them play a little bit left-handed. And then our guys are pretty big and strong in general, so that better be one of our strengths throughout the season, is our run defense,” Stoops said.


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  1. We gave up 180 yards rushing last week…I would say that is an issue that needs fixing.

    1. I agree with that report. However, Mike and Catmandoo had a different take on the UK defense against Toledo, especially the DL if I recall. So easy hot shot, relax, Toledo gave up over 200 yards rushing. The score is what matters last I checked. UK had three backs approach close to 100 yard performances.

      Hey Catman. it looks like from my view that you are drawing some fire here from real UK fans. It’s not just the “Mighty Pupster” now either. Most of us have forgotten more about football than you ever knew. Again, what was your number?

  2. Get a freaking life Kittylitter!!

  3. According to one report I saw this week, last week’s D-line had the 3rd strongest pass rush in the nation in week 1. In addition, I thought the secondary performed better than I had expected from it based on preseason talk. The front 7 against the run was not as strong as I expected based on the preseason talk.

  4. Hopefully the front 7 will watch tape and get better, they are better than what they showed last Saturday. The secondary played better than most expected, that should give them some confidence. The key to our season is letting the offense have the freedom to play up to its potential. We have the ability to outscore most non SEC teams. We need every one of those wins. Its too bad that we don’t get extra points for having the most obnoxious blowhards in the country. If that mattered at all, we would win a national title in football every year with Pup the Punk leading the way.

    1. See what I mean Cat fans, this Catmandoo guy is a fraud,, he’s all talk. He belongs on Rocky Top. He is loosing it and it is showing. First he tells us the Cats are going to be playing with a weak secondary prior to Toledo. Well that didn’t come true. Him and Mike complain about Gran non stop, all while Gran is doing a decent job. You can’t throw it to the TE on every down, or when he is covered. If you recall, Mike didn’t like Neal Brown, Shannon Dawson either, and now they pile on Coach Gran. If Gran leaves tomorrow, they won’t like the next OC either. Why? because they are smarter than any coach UK could ever hire. Catman complains when UK wins, and then comes back with the above post to try and save face now that he is on record. This was my earlier prediction that has come true even before the game tonight. Now if you read between his lines you will be prepared to listen to him run his mouth if it is a close UK win, or a UK loss. He will be ready to pile on. Just wait and watch. We need some UK fans to drown out this constant negative BS from these two TROLLS. Are there any real UK fans on this site?

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