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Foolishness is not toughness to Mark Stoops

Lynn Bowden is one of the receivers coach Mark Stoops wants to see continued improvement from this week. (Vicky Graff Photo)


Kentucky’s receivers did not have a drop in the opening game win over Toledo and made several outstanding catches to help quarterback Terry Wilson.

Think coach Mark Stoops was satisfied? No way.

“I just want to see them continue to improve and make competitive catches like they did a week ago. We didn’t have any drops. Continue to be good there,” Stoops said Thursday. “We didn’t have any missed assignments. That’s a good sign. Continue to block when they’re not getting the ball.”

That aggressiveness is just part of the overall increased physical toughness — which is never a problem for offensive lineman Logan Stenberg — that Stoops wants to see in Saturday’s game against Central Michigan.

“We don’t ever want the foolishness. That’s not toughness to me. Being ready to play and playing on edge and playing — toughness is playing with discipline,” Stops said. “The after the whistle stuff, that’s not toughness. That’s weakness to me. We don’t ever tolerate any of that.

“I just want to see our guys doing all the little things right. It comes during the week as well, having great preparation and trying to have perfect practices.

“We talked a lot this week about sewing our seeds and just doing the work and eventually things are going to pay off if you do the right things. We’re challenging them hard to have a great week of preparation.”

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