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John Calipari hits Daily Double — Terrence Clarke commits and reclassifies

Terrence Clarke


Kentucky and coach John Calipari hit the Daily Double today.

Not only did mega talented five-star shooting guard Terrence Clark commit to Kentucky, but he also confirmed he was reclassifying to the 2020 class and would be at UK next year.

The 6-7 Clark was ranked as the second best overall player in the 2021 class and easily will be a top five player in the 2020 class. He gives UK four top 40 players in the 2020 class already as he joins five-star guard B.J. Boston and four-star forward Lance Ware and Cam’Ron Fletcher as UK commits.

Clark had Memphis, Boston College, Duke, Texas Tech and UCLA in his final six along with Kentucky.

He said Saturday he will need to take some online classes to graduate in the spring from Brewster Academy but doesn’t anticipate that being an issue. Recruiting analysts have all indicated him coming to college a year sooner will be no issue, either, because of his talent and many feel he could play in college this year and be fine.

No surprise that Clarke also indicated Calipari’s ability to produce top level NBA draft picks was a big draw for him at Kentucky. The Cats have had at least one lottery pick every year Calipari has been at UK.
Clarke was one of the rare players that Calipari targeted as a freshman and building that early relationship definitely paid off
Calipari has been recruiting Clarke, now 18, since ninth grade.

Clarke averaged 17 points, 5.9 rebounds and 4.5 assists per game on the Nike EYBL circuit. He led Brewster in scoring at 15.9 points per game last year.


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  1. Keep em coming Coach. Clark is a great talent, glad he is coming to UK.

  2. And some people say he can’t recruit a 5 star player. Now he go get a big man for the class and it’s my understanding the ones that high on his list won’t say which school until spring

    1. We got a very good tall man..hope he works out better than couple already on team. Cal still falling short with combo of height and beef with attitude. They continue to go elsewhere.

      1. No doubt your little buddy agrees with you, Mike…LOL

        1. Yawn

            • Cats79 on September 15, 2019 at 11:36 am

            Hornet the problem is there never satisfied. They talk trash about the players before they learn there name and put the uniform on.

  3. Again, we have so many crowing about what we are going to do, LONG before we even attempt to do it. Hasn’t the past shown us anything? How many highly rated high school players have to come here and be a bust before we learn to wait and see what these players do in a UK uniform? The past six years has earned us the reputation of being also rans…even at the conference level. Lets beat someone and then crow about how good we are for a change. We get the opportunity to do that in our first game with Michigan State. Remember what happened last year with Duke? Crowing about how good we were all pre-season before the game only made that embarrassment worse. Winning must come before bragging if bragging comes at all.

    1. Like you don’t Chicken Little. Billy D is coming Billy D is coming. And the sky is falling also. LOL And Cal must leave before crowing can take place. 3 years just you wait and see. You really should review you own stuff before showing just how much of a hypocrite and troll you are.

  4. As for the article, does anyone wonder about how we are going to play so many wings on one team? Cal is stockpiling players who are 6’6″ to 6’8″, but no dominant bigs and no true point guards. I guess he believes that people and players will buy the idea of positionless basketball until it doesn’t work, but he plans to be gone by then.

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