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Kash Daniel talks trash but denies deliberately trying to hurt Florida quarterback

Kash Daniel, right, had 10 tackles for UK against Florida but denied trying to hurt anyone intentionally. (Vicky Graff Photo)


As soon as Florida quarterback Kyle Track indicated that he thought UK linebacker Kash Daniel intentionally tried to injure his ankle on a two-point conversion play Saturday, you knew Daniel was going to be ready with a response — and he was Monday.

Kentucky Kernel assistant sports editor Mohammad Ahmad, who also works for ESPN Radio in Lexington, shared video on Twitter after Wednesday’s practice of Daniel’s response to the accusation that he’s a dirty player and it was classic Kash Daniel on the answer.

“Do I talk a lot of crap? Absolutely. Do I pop a dude here and there to get underneath his skin and talk while I’m doing it? Absolutely. It’s part of my game. It’s what I do,” Daniel said and not sure anyone could disagree with that.

However, he was just getting started.

“But am I out there deliberately to hurt anybody? Absolutely not. I’ve kept my mouth shut about it. I’ve been biting my tongue about it as long as I can because that’s something I actually hold close to me,” Daniel said.
“I’m a victim of a dirty play. If you don’t believe me I’ve got a plate and seven screws in my right ankle to prove that. I’ve got a scar running halfway down my leg.”

He wasn’t done.

“I’m not out there to hurt anybody. My hand that I had surgery on, got stepped on as it was going down. This surgically repaired hand has two screws in it. If enough weight is still on it it still hurts like you know what. My hand is caught underneath (the pile). I instantly get stepped on. I’m trying to move shit around. I pulled my hand up at the last second because I pulled it out.

“I got it stuck underneath a lineman’s leg with all that weight on it. I pulled it free from that, kept moving stuff, kept hitting legs and finally it came through. Maybe he (Track) felt something weird. I don’t know. But I’m not out there to twist no one’s ankle or hurt nobody. End of story.”

Well, probably not.

Daniel said he heard words directed at him and naturally responded right back.


  1. Where does this “story” originate?

    For years, I watched various UK football players injured in games against the likes of Georgia, Florida, Auburn, and others with late hits, cheap shots, and other manners of play which was explained away as “big boy football”

    I find it rather special to hear complaints about one of our players of this type.

    Obviously what goes around is coming around, and it is equally obvious that those that have dished it out for decades don’t like it that UK football is now playing “big boy football”.

  2. Cry us a river Track, man up. Kash said what needed to be said.

  3. Some media or people have too much time in there hands to bring more BS than actually help our society to live in a better world.

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