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Mark Stoops on Terry Wilson: “Our guys love and respect him.”

Terry Wilson went down for the season in game two but coach Mark Stoops hopes he’ll be back with the team soon. (Vicky Graff Photo)


Several times this week Kentucky football fans have asked me about quarterback Terry Wilson and how much he can be around the team now after injuring his knee to where he won’t play again this season.

After Thursday’s practice, Kentucky coach Mark Stoops talked about the quarterback who had a 12-3 record as a starter when he went down the second half of game two.

“He’ll be back out there now. He was there on the sidelines prior to the surgery,” Stoops said. “It’s a little touchy. We’ve gotta be careful with that because it’s the last thing you need, someone to run into him.

“He can’t protect himself down there, but he really wanted to be there and be on the sidelines so we let him and told him just to be extra careful and have some big ole linemen stand in front of him and knock anybody down that comes near him.”

Stoops said Wilson will be back at practice as soon as he’s healthy enough.

“Obviously the recovery is important all the time, but early on it’s very important for him to take care of business and handle that the right way,” Stoops said.

Yet the coaches, just like fans and UK players, understand the leadership Wilson brings. That’s not a knock on any other quarterback or UK player. It’s just a statement of fact about Wilson’s leadership.

“He can still be very involved. It’s difficult for him gimping around like that right now, especially early on. He’s a little bit sore. But our guys love and respect him. We miss him. I hope he helps any way he can,” Stoops said.

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