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Patrick Patterson trying to adjust to shooting more, passing less

Former Kentucky standout Patrick Patterson is ready to start his first season with the Los Angeles Clippers after signing with the Los Angeles Clippers as a free agent. This will be his ninth NBA season and he offered a lot of thoughts on this season and more during the Cippers media day.

Q. Patrick, you were on that Oklahoma City team that seemed to have a disappointing end to the season. What do you think happened there? What lessons will you take from that going into this season with the Clippers’ who have high expectations and would deem many results…
PATRICK PATTERSON: Not going to get into details with that, but just a combination of things from players, coaches, owners, just whole entire team. Just one big effort as far as us failing, as far as the season not going the way we want to. It’s just a combination of everything throughout the course of the season, and also in the playoffs as well. So that’s all I’ll say with that.

But to make sure it doesn’t happen with this team, we have so many guys, veterans, so many guys who have years of experience. So many guys that been through trials and tribulation, hungry, from Mo, myself, Kawhi, Pat, Trez, Lou. So many different guys, so many different personalities, so many experiences in life. Just coming in here from day one and seeing the hungriness in everyone’s eyes and that togetherness, and just try our best not to have the season go the opposite direction.

Q. Patrick, last year you said you needed to get passing out of your mind because you passed up on too many good looks. Do you still feel you’re too passive with the ball or do you feel you’ve become more of an aggressive scorer?
PATRICK PATTERSON: Oh, yes, since we’ve been back the beginning of this month and started playing pickup, the first thing Pat Bev said to me is, ‘Yo, Pat, shoot the ball. ‘A couple pickups, a couple games in here just trying to get out of that mindset of over passing the ball, passing up opportunities, chances to shoot. Having conversation with coaching staff and other fellow teammates. Gradually getting back to it. As we go through training camp, get shooting on my mind rather than trying to make the next pass.

Q. Do you have an opinion on the ninja style headband ban, and could we see you start a new trend with head wear this season?
PATRICK PATTERSON: I might rock a skully. Who knows? Like I feel like if you rock it once and they allow you, next day you may get an email or notification saying you can’t do it. So something will happen, a skully, do rag.

Q. How eager are you for the season to start?
PATRICK PATTERSON: We’re one of the lucky guys who are able to do something that they love to do on a daily basis. Soon as tomorrow hits, we are all just focused and ready to get out there and just get to work.

Q. Patrick, I know you’re a big movie guy. Wondering if you’ll take advantage of the proximity to the business of Hollywood to advance that part your life at all?
PATRICK PATTERSON: Try to have a balance of both. Obviously the No. 1 focus is basketball. No. 1 focus is to win a championship. So that’s my main thing. But try to find some time to have opportunities to have conversations with people in this world who can help me.

Q. What is the biggest adjustment you feel you have to make this year coming to this Clippers squad?
PATRICK PATTERSON: For me, it’s just when you come to any new situation it’s just finding your role and being the best you can be in that role given to you. So coming to this new team, new situation, a lot of players, a lot of bodies, a lot of guys that can go out there and do their job to the best of their extent. Just being given a role and being the best I can be that role that’s given to me.

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