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Alli Stumler trying to be major leader

Alli Stumler (Vicky Graff Photo)


Kentucky’s quest for a third straight Southeastern Conference volleyball championship has got a boost from the recent play of sophomore Alli Stumler  and her quest to become a more vocal, take-charge player on the court.

“We have all been talking about new leadership roles and I have to step up and show the team I can be a major leader on this team,” Stumler said.

She’s working daily to become more vocal and feels so far she’s done that — knowing she still has room for improvement.

“That is the goal. (Coach) Craig (Skinner) talked about this past season that we lost two really big vocal leaders in McKenize (Watson) and Meredith (Jewell). Just knowing that we needed someone new to step up in that sense, I really wanted that to be myself,” Stumler said. “Knowing that I played last year, so I was thinking what else can I do now and build on top of that and being more vocal is definitely one of those things I can do more of to help our team.”

While Stumler, who had 14 kills in a sweep at Alabama Sunday, has no trouble making big-time plays on the court, she admits she’s not naturally vocal.

“I am definitely a more quiet, lead by example type of player. I am very excited for my teammates, so that comes very natural to . Just finding the right words to say at the right time is definitely a work in progress for me,” Stumler said. “I just hope I can build on that year by year.”

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