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Anyone surprised that Dan Dakich suspended for failing to adhere to “journalistic principles?”

Dan Dakich


Hopefully this post will be coherent because I had a sleepless night after learning that ESPN commentator Dan Dakich had been suspended from his daily sports talk show in Indianapolis for a week.

Okay, in all honesty, I slept great.

It’s no secret I am not a fan of this bully. I had my encounter with him at the 2014 NCAA Tournament when he was sitting on press row openly cheering for his son who played at Michigan. It was a game against Kentucky and he was one row behind me on press row and took exception to my comments that if he wanted to cheer — which any parent certainly should do — he should be in the stands.

Dakich didn’t like that, made some snide comments at the game and on social media, and spent time on his radio show attacking me because I would not back down from hm.

But it’s not just me. Remember a few years ago when he questioned how UK’s Derek Willis had enough money to pay for tattoos. Keely Potts, now Willis’ wife and his fiancee at the time, didn’t like that at all and let Dakich have it on social media.

“Also attacking someone’s tattoos that resemble their heritage, Alzheimer’s, and Progeria is probably the most pathetic thing I’ve seen,” Potts said. “Someone give this guy a real job please.”

Dakich has certainly insulted a lot of others and Emmie Communications — the owner of ESPN station WFNI The Fan in Indianapolis — only noted that Dakich has been suspended for a week over “a failure last year on Dan’s part to adhere to the journalistic principles valued by Emmis.”

Dakich, a former Indiana player under Bob Knight, probably has never worried about journalistic principles. He just doesn’t care.

No surprise that Dakich apparently didn’t answer a text message from the Indy Star asking for a comment on his suspension. A statement made on his show said only that Dakich and Emmie had agreed to the suspension for the announcer not following those journalistic principles.

Myself, I wonder how it could have taken so long to suspend him for something he said or did in 2018. Hopefully Dakich will man up and let everyone know what happened — but I wouldn’t count on it. That’s not his style.


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  1. No! he is not a journalist, he is a sports commentator and part time announcer. What are commentator principles? He is a jerk, just like his mentor Bobby Knight. They will never tell specifically what he did, so it is impossible to judge him on anything besides his behavior, therefore he is guilty as charged. He will serve his week suspension and nothing will change. What a total waste of time. The people who follow him do so for pure entertainment! Like WWE, nothing is real.

    Note: Very few journalist have any standards today!

  2. “Journalistic principles” has kind of gone the way of “student athlete”, IMHO…sad, but true, that neither exit in reality any more.

    1. Tend to disagree. Plenty of journalists with principles — just a lot of them are out of work because principles don’t matter to a lot of fans any more

  3. It can be a winnable game if Gran gets off his A$$ and shows some creativity instead of constantly banging up the middle and dialing long distance. We need to get our TE’s more involved in game plan since they were supposed to be one of the strengths of our team.

  4. Dakich is the Fredo of ESPN

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