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Arkansas game important but no more so than other games according to Mark Stoops

Mark Stoops (Vicky Graff Photo)


For most Kentucky football fans, Saturday night’s game against Arkansas falls into the must-win category.

The Wildcats have lost three straight games, all Southeastern Conference contests, and are 2-3 going into this game with an Oct. 19th game at Georgia the following game.

Kentucky coach Mark Stoops, though, is not ready to classify this as a season-defining or make or break game for his team.

“No, I’ll leave that to y’all. I haven’t heard for awhile, because it was kind of comical to me, about how every game was a make or break for me,” Stoops told media members Monday during his weekly press conference. “I was like, what game isn’t? You know what I mean?

“I think that’s all I heard for six years every week in here. So it’s, actually, I had to chuckle inside because every game’s important to us, and I don’t mean any disrespect by that answer. It’s just we, as coaches, I don’t care who we’re playing, what we’re doing, the way we lead up to a game, the way we prepare, all that is really most important to me.”

Still, three straight losses for a team that won 10 games last year and had a 21-10 lead over still unbeaten Florida going into the fourth quarter in game three this season would seem to make this a huge game for UK.

“The results are the results. We all want to win, but things happen in games that you can’t predict. That’s why everybody loves watching it,” Stoops said.

“But the preparation and how we go about it and everything, it’s all important. This game is important. Sure, I think just common sense the way we haven’t played very good and the way we have had some losses, yeah, it’s important to me.

“It’s the next game, it’s at home, it’s a conference game, so it’s important.




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  1. 3 game losing streak during which the offense has disappeared from the scene.

    a bye week to get well, refocus, and right the ship before it sinks to the bottom

    And this game is no more important than any other game?

    I sure hope this team treats this game as more important than it treated the South Carolina game.

    Why is it not in a coach’s DNA to speak candidly about such matters?

  2. Stoops is like this all the time. When Tennessee week rolls around he’ll be saying the same BS. He is starting to get on the nerves.

  3. I believe in Mark Stoops and have supported him completely, but this trait is maddening.

    Just speak honestly about the situation that the team and program faces, and get the players ready and excited to meet the challenge.

  4. Stoops is such a inspirational guy. The way he snatches defeat all too often makes almost every game a make or break game for many of the BBN’ers and recruits.

  5. This could very well be the most pivotal game of Stoop’s career. Lose to Arkansas and the streak could very well run to 5 or 6…if not more. Win and it gives hope for the rest of the season past the Georgia game. I don’t get why Stoops thinks it just another game???

    1. In my opinion he does not believe that, but for some reason feels compelled to deliver that message in public.

      1. I am with you Professor

  6. It has been reported today that all UK quarterbacks practiced and threw the ball. Do you think the Arkansas coaching staff will be able to sleep tonight as the tension builds?

  7. I assume Mike is speaking with tongue in cheek, but in response I would ask how often does UK practice when “all UK quarterbacks” do NOT throw a ball?

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