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Blair Green can ‘flip’ out watching UK gymnastics

Blair Green (Vicky Graff Photo)


Kentucky sophomore Blair Green says she’s is stronger than last season after “trying to hit it hard” in the weight room during the offseason.

“My ball handling, my shooting are better, too,” Green said. “I have been trying to get a lot of shots up and just working on getting to the basket and being more confident. It’s going to be good.”

Green said the summer workouts were fun but competitive with other sports teams at Kentucky.

“Women’s basketball wants to outwork everyone and show our strengths but everyone on the other sports teams is very impressive. It’s just fun to enjoy each other and work hard at the same time,” Green said.

The UK sophomore said her team tries to dominate workouts but that’s not easy.

“We can do pretty well but gymnastics’ upper body strengths is incredible. To watch them do some of the moves they do is unbelievable,” Green said. “Everyone challenges each other, everyone works hard. We all have what we can do better than others but they also have stuff they can teach us.”

She likes going to watch the volleyball team but admits she really enjoys gymnastics.

“It’s cool watching gymnastics because I could never flip and watching them out there doing amazing things is something else,” Green said.

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