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Calipari ready to start another “pretty good run” on what he calls second tour

John Calipari (Vicky Graff Photo)


Having the highly publicized “lifetime contract” at Kentucky is not changing anything for coach John Caliipari going into this season.

Again, why would it?

“Here’s what I would say. I’ve been here 10 years. Kind of thinking back, it’s been a pretty good run,” Calipari said.

Pretty good? I would say it has been darn good even if some UK fans are upset that the Cats have let a national title or two slip away.

“This is the second tour, let’s see what happens now. That, what happened for those 10 years are done. Final Fours, national champion, all the stuff, it’s done, league. Now what happens in the next 10? How do we grow as a program? How do we keep getting better as a staff?” Calipari said.

“As a coach, how do I keep leading better, communicating better, what do I do and forget with that. Let’s move to this next tour. This next 10. So that’s been my mentality.”

Calipari admits that some “people kind of attack how we recruit” because the coach says he is “transparent” in what he does and says.

“So now it’s, okay, what do we do that’s a little bit different in our approach. So but I’m looking forward to it, I’m excited, I feel refreshed,” Calipari said. “I like this team, great group of kids, a little bit thin. Nine guys on scholarship playing.

“Dontaie (Allen) would be 10. I mean, I know we have 13 (scholarships) , but I usually don’t give 13, but we usually have enough to practice with, we’re a little light. But some of the best teams I’ve coached weren’t full rosters and guys. You have to be in the game and it helps them, their own mentality, especially young kids.”


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  1. Did you read this Catmandoo?? Lol

    1. I doubt that he can read.
      Someone probably has to read it to him…LOL

      1. Lame

    2. Remember….you only have 4 more years to enjoy him.

  2. Interesting comment about only 9 scholarship players. Says some of his best teams had minimal guys in the rotation. I’ve said this before and the facts prove it that except for 2015 his best teams had 6 or 7 man rotation. Would be a good year to go with 7 man rotation (everybody else plays less than 10 minutes per game) if he wants to win another title.

  3. Mike why in the world you and Catmandoo worry about 3-4 years from now. Just enjoy the present time while you on earth. God gives us one a day time frame. At the present time Cal is the coach weather you like it or not.

  4. When are you Rah Rahs ever going to learn? Calipari’s definition of a pretty good run is being an also ran but win nothing. We may win 24 or 25 games and still lose 10. No conference regular season title, no SEC tourney title, no national title, not even a Final 4…which means adios Cats 79. The world will see what we are in game 1, the Rah Rahs will be the ones who start blowharding about the NEXT season. Yeah, that will be the one. 2022 will bring about a much needed change in philosophy as Calipari moves on to something that is not UK.

    1. Another Catmandoo quote saved in the archives for later replay.

      1. Yes Hornet, save em all. Catmandoo will not post after he exits if he truly is a man of his word, but he will surely be able to read, not sure about his comprehension though. We can’t stop him from reading. He will check VV’s daily, and cry like a little baby, but will not be able to respond. This is going to be interesting. That skinny limb old Catmandoo put himself on is getting ready to break.

        Now, If old Mike loses his bosom buddy after the 2019-20 season, life will be begin to be hard for him on this site among us Rah Rah’s also, especially during basketball seasons to come. But he was not willing to take the bet, not game enough to back his pal Catmandoo, smart. Now, think on this, old Catmandoo is a sly one. He will probably try and slip back on here with an alias, a new handle. We must be on guard. We will quickly spot his negative Calipari syndrome status should that occur, I’m sure. Listen Catmandoo and Mike……… John Calipari, HOF coach, the next 10, and a lifetime contract. Now that is music to my ears.

  5. Calipari is talking about his next 10 years, not 2022. Catmandoo, and Mike, do you all remember the term, “life time” contract? Catmandoo and Mike must have failed to read this memo Cats79, and if they did, they can’t comprehend plain English . They are way out there in left field, as usual. Hornet has Catmandoo’s number, and it could be the Catmandoo’s days on this site are fading fast.

  6. Sorry to say, but I really doubt that Catmandoo is a man of his word.
    I really don’t expect him to honor his bet.
    I think it took him by surprise when he was called out.
    One thing is certain, if he loses and he doesn’t man up, he will earn an everlasting banner in the Vaught’s ViewsHall Of Shame.

  7. Hornet, I hope I do have to leave the site and will be tickled if that were to happen because it would mean that we finally WON something that mattered. I don’t think I have much to worry about…Calipari is a creature of habit and opposing coaches have figured him out. The only thing that surprised me was that Pup didn’t have the stones to step up and make his Rah Rahhing count for something. Pup is all talk and no action. So Hornet, are you in on this bet too or is it just me and Cats 79?

    1. I was first to call your bet.
      I called your bet the same day you posted it.
      I suppose Mike didn’t read it to you.
      That’s okay. My post is archived.

  8. Catmandoo, I plan to be on this site for as long as I can to be a thorn in your sorry hide.

    1. Guys let’s just let the bet ride and worry about beating Arkansas Saturday night

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