Can rule changes really curtail ‘flopping’ this season?

Curtis Shaw, coordinator of Big 12 men’s basketball officials, explained at the Big 12 Media Day in Kansas City this week about plans the rules committee has made to hopefully curtail flopping .

“They’re tired of the acting, tired of the drama. We want to play real basketball. We don’t want players to have to embellish or fake in order to get calls. We put in some specific items to talk about,” Shaw said.

“You get one delay a game warning of any kind, including a flop.

Shaw said the NCAA rules committee has left little doubt that it wants flopping to stop.

“You’re not going to kill a play if a guy is in transition for a layup. You’re not going to kill a play if a guy is flopped on a charge, getting ready to dunk. You’re going to wait till the play ends or it’s a dead ball,” Shaw said. “You could flop, get stepped on, get dunked on, and get called for a technical foul. It’s a severe penalty to get it out of the game, okay?

“There’s three types (of flopping): Jump shooters falling without being touched; players trying to draw a charge and getting minimal, if any, contact; and then the head snap. On all three of these, they are judgment. There may be some contact. We’ll see the one where we’re taking a charge. He may brush him. It doesn’t matter if there’s some contact. We have to rule whether the contact was sufficient for that act.

“In the case of the head bob, you may even have a foul called because the guy did go out and hand check him, but then he embellishes it by throwing the head back. You may have a foul, and he’ll still get a warning or technical foul for the flopping, okay?”

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