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“Combination of things” have hurt UK’s third-down conversion tries

All-SEC guard Logan Stenberg and the Cats have had trouble converting third-down plays this year. (Vicky Graff Photo)


Kentucky’s offensive and defensive lines were expected to be team strengths this year — something that has not gone quite the way everyone hoped through five games.

“I think it’s been a lot like our team and been inconsistent. At times they have done some really good things. We have higher expectations on both groups and want more consistency out of them,” Kentucky coach Mark Stoops said looking ahead to Saturday night’s game against Arkansas when UK hopes to end a three-game Southeastern Conference losing skid.

One big issue for the Kentucky offense has been third down conversions. The Cats are just 23 of 67 on third-down conversion tries, an area that Stoops knows has to improve especially in short yardage plays.

“It’s hard to go back. We moved on. You have to learn from every opportunity. And there’s been a combination of things. I think you know I mentioned there was an assignment here or there that kind of is glaring to all of us and it doesn’t go away easy,” Stoops said.

“And then there’s times when I think early on even, even in the first two games when we mentioned where runs can be a little more patient and you learn from the experience of that. And there’s times when the offensive line needs to just get better movement. There’s times where scheme, we can do better as coaches putting them in better position.

“So it’s all the above. We all need to accept that criticism and need to make sure we’re doing the best that we can to put them in a position to be successful. So everybody has to take their part in that. I think it’s a combination of things. I can’t think of any one thing. There’s been a couple where we come up three inches short and things of that nature.


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  1. The answer, the UK Oline and Dline is just getting whipped on the LOS. It is that simple.

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