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Could UK really get Cade Cunningham? Evan Daniels says yes

Cade Cunningham (USA Basketball)


The more time John Calipari spent continuing to recruit Cade Cunningham, the more I wondered what in the world was going on.

Almost everyone figure the five-star guard was a lock for Oklahoma State since his brother is now on the coaching staff there. Never mind that the Monteverde (Fla.) Academy star kept insisting his recruitment was not a done deal and scheduled visits to several schools, including Kentucky.

He was one of 10 recruits at Big Blue Madness Friday and now 247Sports recruiting director Evan Daniels has made a bold prediction of Cunningham to Kentucky. Sure, he’s the only one of the 247Sports analysts picking Kentucky. But Daniels is one of the nation’s best recruiting analysts and takes great pride in his recruiting picks. His percentage of successful picks when it comes to Kentucky is really high and when he says Kentucky, pay attention.

The 6-5 Cunningham was the MVP of the Nike EYBL when he averaged 25 points, 6.6 rebounds, 5.3 assists and 1.5 blocks per game and he followed that up by averaging 11.7 points, 5.0 rebounds, 5.7 assists and 1.5 steals per game for Team USA when it won the FIBA under 19 World Cup in Greece.
Last week Daniels wrote that Cunningham was one of the “harder recruitments to handicap” but indicated then not to write off Kentucky. Then Sunday he tweeted that his pick for Cunningham was now UK.

Calipari has visited Cunningham at least three times in the last month and the No. 2 player in the 2020 recruiting class came to Big Blue Madness after initially calling off the visit so he could attend a USA Basketball minicamp.

The Kentucky coach has pulled off some huge recruiting moves during his 10 plus years at Kentucky but if he somehow lands Cunningham as Daniels now thinks he will, this could be Calipari’s biggest recruiting win at Kentucky. However, don’t count on it yet.

Two other recruiting analysts said “absolutely not” when I asked them if they thought Cunningham was Kentucky-bound.

“Unless Cal hired his brother over the weekend, then no,” one analyst joked.

But with Calipari, you never say never. We all know that.



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  1. I read on another source on KSR said Cunningham was leaning toward the cats. But we shall see how this unfolds

  2. Its anyone’s guess where this kid goes. Oklahoma State has to like their chances and North Carolina is in the mix too. Our advantage is Calipari lets his wings shoot the most shots. He is a scorer, but can and will he play defense?

  3. Strange that Barnes committed to FSU today after recently scheduling UK visit this weekend.

  4. It was his loss, UK don’t need him. You seem elated Mike. Feel better that he went to FSU Mike? He went to a place where he can be a star, and not face the grid he would face, or the top talent he would go against daily at the best basketball program in the nation. When was the last time FSU reached a final 4 or won a NC. Besides Mike, the article is about Cunningham anyway. You can’t even stay on subject. You always have to be negative, just like a TROLL.

    1. It’s not for everybody remember?? Who are you to say who UK needs? Another one gets away!!

      1. Mike, when Barnes committed to FSU, that made your day, It is easy to see that. You were just waiting to let everybody on this site know. I read you like a book, and it unnerves you. Feel better Mike? Many get away, but only a dumb ass like you would find a way to be critical of the best college recruiter and basketball coach in America. Yeah some go elsewhere, but Cal signs a top 5 class every year now don’t he? I won’t lose any sleep over Barnes, and neither will the bulk of BBN.

    2. Let’s just stick to the information in the post and quit the Cal bashing, Cal loving, etc, and bashing of each other. I know all of you guys can make some informative comments without just attacking each other

      1. Mr. V…agree wholeheartedly and will do my best to comply. I like to pull Pup’s chain as very easy target. He seems like decent guy as well.

      2. OK Larry V. You are the Sheriff of these occasional verbal shootouts. I honestly enjoy verbally abusing these two experts, but will try and refrain from going “pit bull.” You are the best, and this site is second to none. GO CATS!!!! Beat Georgia!!!!

        1. You were correct with the word “experts”…you really lather it on.

          1. The word experts is used “tongue in cheek” Mike. I think you and your soul buddy Catmandoo are feeling the heat. But go ahead, state you unpopular opinion on this UK support site, it is your right, even if no one supports them on this site. For example, who really on this site buys into Catmandoo’s statement that Cal is history in three years, and that Donovan is already UK’s next coach in waiting. Name me one other on this site besides you who agree with that one comment. Really Mike? I just state what Calipari states, and that is a second tour, another 10 years. Unless he is a prophet, he is dreaming.

  5. I wish for Barnes all the best at FSU and BTW…
    I’m gonna sleep like a baby tonight.

  6. Duped by Pup….he does have respect for some of the expert posters on here.

  7. Pup, Mike. catmandoo just trying to be helpful Larry has stated that on this site that he’s gonna started blocking if all the trash talking doesn’t stop. So from here on out i’m just gonna make a comment about the topic. Have a good day!!!

    1. Thanks Cats79, I am on my best behavior. Mike will hang himself, watch. Take the bet Mike.

      1. You don’t have any “best behavior” just can’t shut it.

        1. Why Mike, you sound so bitter. It will all work out for all of us if you will just take the bet. Go ahead.

            • Mike on October 15, 2019 at 11:25 pm

            Duped by Pup

    2. Thank you Cats79. HOpefully others can do the same

  8. Your welcome Larry V. Love your insight and thanks for all you do.

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