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Devin Askew says he will be committing soon but it won’t be Thursday night as high school coach indicated

Devin Askew (USA Basketball Photo)


Five-star point guard Devin Askew is not committing on Thursday as his high school coach told me he would be earlier tonight.

“I told him I was committing soon,” said Askew. “I did not say anything about that (on the 17th). This is my recruiting process. If it does not come out of my mouth, it is not true.

“Basically this is my life and I do not want things out there if I did not say them. I respect him as a coach and love him to death but this was not right. All I told him was what I was committing soon.”

Askew’s high school coach, Gary McKnight, told me earlier tonight that Askew would announce his decision Thursday night. Askew just returned from a USA Basketball minicamp in Colorado and McKnight, who has won over 1,100 games in his high school coaching career, said he felt his point guard just wanted to make his college decision and have recruiting  over with.

“He wants to be able to play this spring and summer without worrying about it,” McKnight said. “If he makes 10 3-pointers or not, he just wants to play basketball. Plus, he’s not involved with any bad schools. They are all top notch schools.”

While Askew has not released an official list of his final schools, the top schools seem to be Kentucky, Louisville, Memphis and Arizona.

“I told him whatever he does, do not look back,” McKnight said. “Look at what school he is most comfortable with. The head coach is the key. Find the right head coach and connect with him. The assistants don’t matter. It’s the connection with the head coach that counts.”

Speculation has been that Askew, a top 10 player in the 2021 recruiting class, could flip to the 2020 class. McKnight says he’s a “good student” but the veteran high school coach believes he’ll stay in the 2021 class. He has three junior teammates — all 6-8 or taller — all with Division I offers.

“He enjoys the players. He enjoys high school,” McKnight, who sent LeRon Ellis to Kentucky to play in 1987, said.

One reason McKnight feels that way is because Askew cannot play in the McDonald’s All-American Game and Jordan Brand Classic if he’s not in high school four years.

“All I will say is that I told Coach I was committing soon but no exact date has been set,” Askew said.


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  1. I think I see a little egg on Coach McKnight’s face.

    1. I don’t think so Hornet. I don’t doubt for a minute that Coach was telling me exactly what he had been told. He had all the details and no reason for him to make that all up

      1. I hope the kid is not that indecisive with the ball in his hands.

        I just don’t like the way some of the kids and parents appear to be playing head games with the fans and the media.

  2. WTG Larry. It looks like you had the scoop all along.

    247 has just posted that Askew will announce Thursday.

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