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Fatther says people will see they were “dead wrong” about Zion Harmon

Zion Harmon (USA Basketball)


Not a day goes by that someone doesn’t ask me about Marshall County junior point guard Zion Harmon and why I think he does not have a Kentucky scholarship offer.

He’s a top 40 player in the 2022 class and has made it clear he would like a Kentucky offer. Other big-time Division I schools have offered. But not Kentucky.

The speculation I have heard has been anything from Harmon is too short to his father is too involved to he’s going to play overseas and never go to college to his high school transfers are troublesome.

So what is going on? That’s what I asked Mike Harmon, Zion’s father.

“There have been so many rumors going back to saying he would never stay a second season at Marshall County,” Mike Harmon said. “Then no one comes back to say we were wrong when we stayed.

“To be honest, I know that Zion’s life is for the glory of God. Realistically Zion got a lot of glory out of his walk and experiences.”

Harmon was ruled ineligible at Marshall last year after transferring from Adair County where he led the state in scoring as a freshman after helping Bowling Green win the state title the year before when he was an eighth grader.

“I just think Zion is the kid of kind that there are so many misperceptions about,”  Mike Harmon said. “He is always in the gym. He’s a driven kid. People have jumped to conclusions and formed their negative perceptions. I told Zion, ‘They talked about Jesus, so that are definitely going to talk about you.’

“At the end of the day, people are going to see they were dead wrong about this kid and his family. We are not trying to prove anything because our hears and minds are in the same place they were when we came here. We wanted to help the healing process (at Marshall County) after the (school) shooting. That was a big focus and our focus has mainly stayed on basketball.

“I can’t control what other people say or think. Zion can’t either, So I don’t know where some of that speculation comes from or what some coaches may or may not think about my son. I just know he does things the right way.”


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  1. A 2022 prospect I’m sure Cal is no hurry of given him a scholarship just yet. I’m a firm believer that he’s good enough to play for the cats.

  2. The young man is probably good enough, but I don’t know? I personally think Dad should shut up, and let Cal pick the players he wants. Maybe his son is on the list of future “Wildcats.” Seems like his recruitment is a long way off anyway.

  3. Hey Pup or Larry V. Got a question and just in my mind all of sudden here it goes. Correct me if I’m wrong of all 8 titles that the cats won there was a player on the roster that was from KY itself? Just curious.

    1. Not sure about all 8 UK champions, but I know at least three from Kentucky were on the 96 squad, including Cameron Mills, and he was also on the 98 team. I would say before the 96 championship, there were probably several, but I would have to dig that up.

  4. I think Cal is somewhat interested, but in my opinion and from what I have seen in the past, Cal is not real crazy about kids where the parents are pulling all the strings. How many schools has this kid already played for??
    Dad is too involved and a if this kid came and didn’t start, I think you would start seeing dad’s comments on social media. That is something Cal has to think about because that can really mess up a team.

  5. @OldFan:
    I agree with you 100%.
    The last thing we need is a parent publicly second guessing our coach and I fear that is exactly what Mike Harmon would do. As much as I like Zion Harmon’s game, I would pass on him because of dear ol’ dad.

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