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How does Mark Stoops balance what is best for team versus what is best for Lynn Bowden?

Lynn Bowden and Sawyer Smith (Vicky Graff Photo)


Playing Lynn Bowden at quarterback probably is best for what Kentucky needs now because of injuries to so many other quarterbacks. Playing Lynn Bowden at receiver is probably what is best for the Kentucky junior as he works toward a future NFL career.

So how does Kentucky coach Mark Stoops balance what is best for the team and Bowden going into Saturday night’s game against Missouri?

“I don’t think that’s a conflict at all because when you’re doing what he’s doing, he probably actually enjoys that a lot more because the game is truly running through him on every snap unless he’s, unless we flex him out,” Stoops said.

“So he has an opportunity to affect the game each and every play. So for him I’m sure that excites him. But and it’s not going to hurt him for his future if he decides to go to the NFL after this year or has that opportunity, this can only help him.

“But when the time’s right, when we can get him back at receiver, we will welcome him back there as well, because he’s an impact guy, he runs well. We’ll see what direction the game plan goes with this week with who is playing quarterback.”

Stoops knows Missouri is going to have Clemson transfer Kelly Bryant at quarterback. He’s a dual threat quarterback who may not be as fast as Bowden but is a better and more experienced passer.

“When you have a guy that can escape, you have to be disciplined in your rush lanes and that makes a big difference because you have to be, like I said, you have to play with some discipline,” Stoops said.

“Sometimes guys want to come up and under and they get a sack. If you have somebody that can’t really run away from you, it doesn’t hurt you. But he certainly can.

“And then you count on them spreading it out and how they like to spread the field and throw the ball, and then you add in some design run, then that always puts stress on you.



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  1. Bowden gives UK an edge at QB right now. The edge they lost when Wilson went down earlier this year. Running the offense through Bowden gives UK a threat to break a long run, or score on any given play. I say he can throw the ball too. The game last week was hard for any QB to throw the ball due to weather. Could be the same tonight against Missouri. Start Bowden, and if necessary use Smith some as well.

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