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Impromptu postgame fun, dancing okay with Mark Stoops

Mark Stoops is not nearly as serious after a big win as he is during the game. (Jeff Houchin Photo)


Kentucky coach Mark Stoops knows how to party — or at least he does when it comes to postgame celebrations after important Kentucky wins.

He proved that again last Saturday night when UK broke a three-game losing skid by beating Arkansas with receiver Lynn Bowden playing the entire game at quarterback.

“Those are always impromptu and fun. Our team needed to have some fun,” Stoops said about the celebration. “They’ve been working hard. I think for us, it’s internal. All this dang social media and all that, it gets out quick. That’s meant for us to just enjoy it in there, me to make a fool of myself.”

Why make a fool of himself? Stoops says blame his players.

“That’s on them. They get me to do that stuff. I think Marquan (McCall) is the ringleader. For a big man, he can break it down pretty good. I need him to help me with that stuff,” Stoops said.

“It’s just to have fun. Those guys, they’ve invested a lot. They need to have a little fun, enjoy it. That’s really meant for us in that locker room just to have some fun. It’s fine to share that once in a while. You certainly open yourself to a lot of criticism with my dance moves, that’s for sure.”

What about letting the players lift him in the air, which he has done several times now?

“I can handle it. If they drop me, it’s fine,” Stoops said.


  1. Keep that mindset Coach. It’s been 46 years since I played ball…and I still dance like an O-lineman.

    GO CATS !

  2. No complaints from me about the post game dancing after a big win, my problem is the pre game dancing that should bother Coach. Like the dancing I saw by some key UK players that happened on the side lines before the South Carolina game, in front of a TV audience. Instead of “diddy bopping” at your opponents home field, how about getting yourself ready for a tough ball game by serious concentration, and respect for your opponent. We all watched what happened to UK in Columbia. Quiet confidence, and a game face, all business approach, is what I would want to see. There is time for dancing later after the win.

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