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Landon Young’s father taught him the importance of character

Landon Young with his parents. (UK Athletics Photo)


Kentucky junior offensive tackle Landon Young was named to the Allstate AFCA Good Works Team® for his dedication to giving back and leadership on and off the football field. He is also one of 91 nominees for Wuerffel Trophy given to the FBS player that best combines exemplary community service with athletic and academic achievement.

“My father always taught me growing up that character is the most important thing in life above anything else you might accomplish in sports or anything else,” said Young.

“To be recognized for something in my sport that is about more than just my sport does reflect more on what I am to other people and how I treat others rather than just what I do on the football field.

“Instead of just being a guy who blocks on the football field, I have hobbies and things I like to do. I want to give back all I can because so many people have done things for me. If I get a chance to do something for someone, I like to do it.”


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  1. Landon Young is one of my all time UK favorites. He is an awesome young man, and a physical giant. His dedication and character speak volumes.

    1. Still…..Duped by Stoops…Got you again..Rah Rah!

      1. 24-20 and UK called off the dogs and went into VICTORY Formation. Another Stoops win. Mike It is for sure you lack character, and are as chicken shit as you sound.

  2. We need toughness more than we need character. UT just beat MSU today and we need a victory to stop our trainwreck. UT got their signature win and Stoops needs to reverse his trend of letting these winnables get away.

  3. Mike , regardless cats win or not the character in a person life gets you far in life. It sounds like you take too much in pride in about winning than a person character.

    1. Character alone may not guarantee many wins.

      1. But MIke I sure love being around people with character who see the positives and try to help like Landon does

  4. Mike you got your priorities wrong. These guy don’t work for you. There human beings doing there best regardless. You are in the wrong world.

    1. How do you know they are doing their best? This team was supposed to be better than what they have been showing. Just for starters…our O and D lines were supposed to be dominating, and they aren’t.

  5. Well in life sometimes things just don’t work out. Last night they took a step forward and hopefully the ship is upright for good..

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