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Lynn Bowden just “kept confident and stayed positive”

Lynn Bowden strides into the end zone against Arkansas. (Vicky Graff Photo)

By KEITH TAYLOR, Kentucky Today

LEXINGTON — Mark Stoops put the ball in Lynn Bowden’s hands and the Wildcats ran with it, ending a three-game losing streak with a 24-20 win over Arkansas Saturday night.

Stoops and his staff made the decision to make a switch at quarterback to give Sawyer Smith more time to heal in preparation for the remainder of the season. 

Bowden, who also fielded a punt return, rushed for 196 yards and two touchdowns, including a 24-yard run with 6:53 remaining to help the Wildcats (3-3, 1-3) claim their first Southeastern Conference victory of the season. Bowden sprinkled in some passes and threw for 78 yards, including a 10-yard touchdown pass to Clevan Thomas.

Overall, the Wildcats collected 418 yards with most of that yardage coming on the ground. Paced by Bowden, Kentucky rushed for 330 yards. AJ Rose and Kavoseiy Smoke combined for 145 yards, with each runner breaking one run for 25 yards or more.

Aside from leading the offense, Bowden’s main goal was to keep the team in a pose frame of mind, even when the Wildcats got off to a slow start and fell behind 13-0 early in the second quarter. He was “at a loss for words “ and gave “all the glory to my teammates.”

“I’m a very vocal leader on the team and If I get down, then the team gets down,” he said. “I just kept confident and stayed positive throughout the whole game and I think it showed out there with my teammates and how I took it.”

Although experienced at playing under center, it was Bowden’s work behind the scenes that resulted in his performance against Razorbacks.

“When we talked to Lynn about playing quarterback full-time, he totally bought in,” Kentucky quarterbacks coach Darin Hinshaw said. “He was early to every one of my meetings and he watched extra film. He was constantly asking questions and he was constantly taking notes and doing everything you want for someone to take this serious — he’s not just a Wildcat quarterback, but he wants to play the position of quarterback.”


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  1. What an amazing performance by Bowden and exceptional preparation by Eddie Gran. The entire team appeared focused and ready to take care of business. Very impressive team win.

    GO CATS!!

    1. I believe the Cats have their backup QB now, and maybe even their permanent starter at the position for the remainder of the season. Bowden’s legs are lethal against opposing defenses; a threat to move the chains or score on every down. I was impressed with his passing ability too. Also, the longer Bowden plays that position, the better and more comfortable he will get. I hope they give him the green light. He is a natural. Bowden looks fluid and poised. A special athlete that needs plenty of touches.

      1. He looked really good Larry Pup and team seemed to believe in him

  2. Game was closer than it should have been. We could have very easily lost the game. Both lines still not playing up to expectations. The secondary maybe playing a little better than expectations and good thing for next year. Am also wondering why we don’t have any Bumper Pools. We supposedly have the talent but development not showing yet. Paschal, Square D, and Hall & Oates showing some flashes but little consistency. Everybody has been searching “lost&found” for Xavier. Kash has not exactly been money in the bank and showing some regression. Jordan Wright apparently peaked 2 years ago. I don’t expect Cats to have much of a shot next weekend but hope we can make good showing.

    1. No Xavier is a huge puzzle to me

  3. I’m not expecting the cats to beat Georgia just go out there do your best and then we can take care the more important games afterwards try to get a bowl bid. Go Cats! Great game last night.

  4. Mike you whine like a baby as usual. They play there hearts out and I’ll take the win.

    1. Can you imagine the heat Stoops would be feeling with a loss?

  5. Just give were credit is due. They won!!!!!

  6. A win is a win and this was a must win. Georgia will be a loss. Missouri and Tennessee will let us know if we still have a shot at a good bowl game or not. Missouri will be favored in Lexington. Tennessee had a big win over Miss St., they are a tossup at best. Vanderbilt is a tossup in Nashville. UT Martin should be a win. Lousyville had an impressive win on the road…are they getting better? If so, they will be favored in Lexington. I see 5 wins for this team. Not exactly the season we all had hoped for. Can Stoops get us back on track next year?

    1. Louisville and Tennessee have both improved tremendously the last three weeks

      1. It just might be the COACHING.

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