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Nate Sestina believes every UK player is a “physical specimen”

Nate Sestina (Vicky Graff Photo)


Graduate transfer Nate Sestina figured to need some time to adjust to playing at Kentucky after playing at Bucknell the last four years. However, it took him only four months to transform his body. He lost weight but added strength in a big way.

“I came in off a foot injury, so I was coming in a little bit unhealthy. We got our body fat tested and weighed in,” said Sestina. “I talked to (strength coach) Rob (Harris), (dietician) Monica (Fowler) and Taylor at the (Nutrition Training Lab) about what I need to do to get my body to where it needed to be.

“I worked really hard all summer with Rob and in the kitchen with Monica and Taylor. Once I was able to start running I was able to lose a lot of weight, and I feel good.

“It’s not like I feel light or I feel weak. I feel the best I’ve ever felt, and I played college basketball for four years, and I haven’t felt this good, so I’m feeling pretty confident.”

That confidence could  hopefully transform him into a more physical player that UK needs this season.

“For us to be the team I want us to be, we need to rebound and defend,” Sestina said. “I think that everyone on our team is a physical specimen in their own respect, and I think that for us to really go where we want to go, I think that we need to be physical.

“So far in the five or six practices that we’ve had, we really have shown that.”

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