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No players really surprise UK coaches after the get to campus

Tyrese Maxey (Vicky Graff Photo)


Fans got to ask UK basketball coaches questions during the recent Kentucky Women’s Clinic. One asked Joel Justus what played had been the biggest surprise so far this season.

“It is hard to say because, for me personally, you don’t see all these guys play as much before they get here as you thing. You might see a couple of guys play more (than others),” Justus said.

“I saw Tyrese (Maxey) play when he was rising into his junior year and don’t think I saw him play in a game until he was here. I didn’t see him play live because of the way we go and chase around (different players).

“So no one really surprises you because you don’t really know until they get here (how they will play.”

Another fan asked assistant Kenny Payne who he felt was the team’s most improved play. His quick answer was sophomore Immanuel Quickley.

“His mindset is different. The way he is mentally approaching everything is different,” Payne said. “He is very confident as opposed to last year when he was second guessing everything he was doing.

“The biggest growth is when you see guys not worried about what we (coaches) are doing. Just got to get the mindset to play confident. If you make mistakes confidently, we (coaches) are still on board with you. Immanuel is playing with so much more confidence.”

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