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Tell Terrence Clarke to go get a basket and he will score

Terrence Clarke

By LARRY VAUGHT recruiting analyst David Sisk uses a football comparison to explain what commit Terrence Clarke could eventually do for coach John Calipari and the Kentucky basketball program.

“If a football team has a great receiver, you just throw it up to him and he comes down with it,” Sisk said. “Put Clarke in a one-on-one situation and give him the ball and he is going to score.

“Calipari has not had anybody like that. John Wall was dynamic and a playmaker but with Clarke you can just say go get a basket and he will do it.”

All he needs to really refine is his outside shot.

“If he gets his 3-point shooting down to where he makes that shot consistently, he could be unstoppable,” Sisk said. “He can get to the rim. He’s really good with the midrange game. The more you beat and bang on him, the better he is. He does not have to have uncontested shots. He can still blow by a defender and make tough shots.

“When he gets on the court, he just looks the part of a great player. He will go get every loose ball, make every tough play. You just can’t coach some of the things he can just do.”

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