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Walk-on baseball pitcher Ben Jordan has been “good help” for UK basketball team

Ben Jordan (UK Athletics Photo)


When Kentucky junior center Nick Richards heard that a baseball pitcher was going to join the UK basketball team, he wasn’t sure what to expect.

“I know some of the pitchers. I didn’t expect it to be him. Seeing him walk inside the gym and seeing a big body like that, it’s just a good challenge for us to take on,” Richards said about the addition of junior Ben Jordan.

Freshman Keion Brooks Jr.  wasn’t expecting a “pitcher” when he heard a baseball player was going to join the basketball team.

“I’ve never seen a pitcher that was 6-9 and that big and strong. He’s actually pretty athletic too, so it was a surprise to me to see that a baseball player was that big and athletic,” Brooks said.

Richards said the few days Jordan has been practicing has been “good” for the team.

“Ben is not really like, he’s been playing basketball since he was a kid, so he knows how to play. He’s pretty strong, he’s another decent sized guy to challenge us on box outs, rebounding, getting deep post position, he’s actually helping us in practice,” Richards said.

Brooks said Jordan has made a “big difference” at practice.

“He’s making us better. Being able to be physical with Nick some and also letting EJ (Montgomery) play the four and me play the three, which I am. It’s been great having him there. He’s been a good help,” Brooks said.


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