Xavier Peters has to learn how to “handle his business”

Xavier Peters (No. 5). (UK Athletics Photo)


When Kentucky was recruiting Ohio linebacker Xavier Peters all I heard was what a playmaker he was and how good he was going to be.

Once he decided to transfer from Florida State to Kentucky for the 2019 season, all I heard was how he was a “young Josh Allen” just waiting to break out. Once he was granted a hardship waiver by the NCAA so he could play this year, I just assumed he would be a terrific backup for Kentucky and solid special teams player at the very least.

Instead, going into Saturday night’s game with Missouri, Peters has yet to play. He didn’t even make the trip to Georgia for last week’s game.

“I left him at home. It’s our job to teach Xavier what our expectations are and how to handle your business here,” Kentucky coach Mark Stoops explained this week.

Uh-oh. That didn’t sound good.

What is Peters doing to not handle his business?

“He has a hard time getting to things on time and doing things we ask him to do,” Stoops said. “So until he gets that straightened out he won’t play.

Case closed and should be. Getting somewhere on time is not an unreasonable demand and even if Peters won’t ever be the “next Josh Allen” until he learns all that business counts just like what he does on the field.

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