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“Amazing” John Schlarman continues to inspire UK linemen and others

Battling cancer has not impacted John Schlarman’s passion for coaching. (Vicky Graff Photo)


How hard is it for a team to run when opponents are almost certain a running play is coming?

That’s the dilemma that Kentucky’s offense has faced the last five games and likely will again in the final two games against Tennessee-Martin and Louisville.

Yet receiver turned quarterback Lynn Bowden now has four 100-yard rushing games and has led UK to a 3-2 record as a starting quarterback. Kentucky even ran for over 400 yards in last week’s win at Vanderbilt.

Stoops praised his offensive line for creating some “huge plays” against Vanderbilt against a defense prepared to stop the run and the “remarkable” job that offensive line coach John Schlarman has done with his unit led by guard Logan Stenberg.

“John is just amazing, to be honest with you,” Stoops said.

Yes he is. Last week Schlarman had treatment for his cancer and then had to return to his doctor for another “little procedure” according to Stoops.

“He doesn’t want any attention. But he has to drive his own car down (to Nashville) on Friday or have somebody drive him down on Friday after another procedure and he shows up at practice,” Stoops said after UK beat Vanderbilt.

“We thought he was going to miss it, but sure enough, we got here and he pops in there and got the smile on his face like nothing’s going on and goes about his business. And it’s a really remarkable story what he’s going through and the job that he’s doing.”

Stoops said Schlarman’s actions have to inspire his players considering all he’s going through with his cancer treatment.

“They can’t feel sorry for themselves, that’s for sure. And John’s done a great job and so has the O-line,” Stoops said.


  1. Coach Schlarman is quite a story. One tough and inspiring man. A UK forever hero.

  2. He just may be the best coach on this team and certainly a big inspiration for all of us. Good luck and good health to you Mr. Schlarman!!

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