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Assistant coach Joel Justus on UK basketball: “It is fun here.”

Joel Justus (Cole Lambert Photo)


Kentucky basketball assistant coach Joel Justus didn’t hold back at the recent Kentucky Women’s Clinic when he talked about the “family” atmosphere that coach John Calipari and his wife create at UK for players and coaches.

“It is fun here. It is Ellen and Cal. We are at their house. The kids are over there. Their dogs are running around,” Justus said.

“It is fun to be here because Coach makes it about players. After (Big Blue) Madness almost everyone’s family was in the gym at practice. Cool to see families happy (getting to watch their sons/family members practice).”

Justus said the way UK recruits factors into the family atmosphere more than most understand.

“It is really not out there how much Coach emphasizes family. It is real here. That starts when we go out and find the right people,” Justus said.

“That is something I really feel good about working here. It never feels like work because we love being around each other and we are all able to laugh and smile because of the type of people we have in this program.”

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