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Devin Askew “not the friendliest guy in the world on the court”

Devin Askew


Coronado High School (Nev.) coach Jeff Kaufman got another look at Kentucky commit Devin Askew when his team faced Mater Dei (California) a few weeks ago.

Kaufman coaches another junior, wing Jaden Hardy, who is being pursued by Kentucky coach John Calipari. However, Kaufman understands why Calipari and so many other coaches were recruiting Askew before his recent verbal commitment to UK.

“I can put it this way from coach’s perspective,” Kaufman said when asked about Askew, a five-star point guard. “He is a guy you do not want to play against.

“He is talented and a great passer. He is a really tough kid and he wants to win. You need kids like that and he is one of those kids,

“He is a really nice person, but on the court he is not the friendliest guy in the world. He’s just not a guy you like to play against because whatever it takes to win, he’s going to do it.”


  1. Larry….had me confused for a few seconds…thought you were talking about EJ. Congrats to Cal for going after this type of attitude I love those guys with a little bit of “nasty”.

  2. JMO, but Askew appears to already understand the, “play fast, but don’t hurry,” concept. Love his aggressive attitude and shot making skills-a winner. Now, if we can add Jackson, then the overall team length for next year’s team is going to be sick. Wing Span is one thing, but when that length can really move, wow! There is that kind of stagnant zone team length that the Big Orange of Cuse plays and puts everyone to sleep, versus the all out harassing, fast, team length movement that the Cats are putting on display this year with 6’3″ guards. Next years display will be with 6’6″ guards-don’t want to get too far ahead of myself, but can hardly wait to see that defensive version.

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