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Dusty Bonner: “What Eddie Gran has done is pure genius.”

Eddie Gran (Vicky Graff Photo)


Former Kentucky quarterback Dusty Bonner believes that Kentucky’s game plan against Tennessee last week “worked” and everything was set up for UK to win thanks in part to offensive coordinator Eddie Gran — which won’t be a popular opinion with a lot of Kentucky fans.

“Tennessee was really talented and had a lot of athletes. Several plays Eddie Gran dialed up that were “home run shots” were there but the throws just did not get hit by receiver turned quarterback Lynn Bowden.

Bonner wouldn’t say he would not have liked to see backup quarterback Sawyer Smith had a chance to play against the Vols but said UK could have won doing what it did.

“What Lynn is doing is something everyone should step back and appreciate,” Bonner said. “It’s incredible what he is doing. The offense is one dimensional but the coaches have done a fantastic job of taking it and making it look multi faceted.

“I think what Eddie Gran has done is pure genius. He has taken something very simple — Lynn handing off or Lynn running — and making it look incredibly complex for defenses and that’s not easy to do. It is a very intricate to make it look different but at the end of the day Lynn is running or a running back is running but yet it doesn’t look that simple.”

So can Kentucky finish 7-5 by winning its next three games?

“The defense has to be playing like it has been but maybe clamp down even more,” Bonner said. “If I was coaching the defense, I would say, ‘Go win the game 2-0.’ That needs to be the mindset.

“From the offensive side, whether you bring in Sawyer or whatever, you have to at least have the ability to take and make a couple of shots.”

What about playing Sawyer Smith to jump start the passing offense?

“If Sawyer is really healthy … he did really well against Florida. But I can’t gauge if he is healthy. He did warm up on the sideline (against Tennessee) and he is throwing a good ball. He did go in and run the quarterback sneak. I would be hard pressed if he’s healthy not to play him.”


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  1. UK has to beat UT, who I believe is UK’s biggest rival, no excuses. That seems to never ever happen, in Lexington or in Knoxville. That reality has gotten old, very old, and it can’t be sugarcoated! UK football fans are tired of UT’s dominance in this series, plain and simple! It is an embarrassment to this University, and say what you will, it is bad for this football program.

    I don’t know what game Dusty watched, but the UK coaching brains blew this one IMO, because close don’t count. Stoops should have inserted Smith at QB in the second half in an attempt too throw the football against a UT defense that crowded the LOS with bodies all night long. UT had Bowden stopped, and the UK running attack stopped before the first half even ended, no matter the stats. After two quick scores, with one accomplished by a UT TO and a short field, no more Kentucky points scored the rest of the way. UT finally proved that for real at the Tennessee goal line. It seems to me, you have to have a game plan for the backup QB too, (Sawyer Smith) and then have the guts to play him when necessary in order to try and win a game that meant so much to UK, and their fan base. Fire all your bullets I say. No problem from me if Bowden had been able to hit some passes, but he didn’t. He even thru a costly INT.

    Stoops hurt himself big time with this loss. The only thing that could ease his pain is for him to win out. I just don’t know if that happens. I agree with Stoops that you have to be able to run the football, but you have to be able to throw it too, occasionally anyway. UK is so one dimensional now it is becoming very costly.

  2. I wonder if Dusty would same the same thing if he was sober? Anyone even thinking,, let alone calling, Gran a genius definitely needs therapy. Yes, it does take “genius” to go over three quarters without scoring and to miss scoring within 5 yd line on 2 plays. Gran is the worst thing to have happened to this team and Stoops trying to give him a run for his money.

  3. I’m not a Gran fan either, but for some reason I got some friends and even my son thinks he’s great.

  4. Even a Genius would know you have to bring in a (supposed to be healthy) Quarterback who can pass. Just a few passes would make a difference. I sat there in dismay!!!!

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