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Evansville showed teams how to beat UK but key to winning remains making shots

Nick Richards (Vicky Graff Photo)


How did a Kentucky team that has struggled to make 3-point shots most of the season suddenly 10 of 22 treys against Lamar Sunday, including four in a four-minute blitz by freshman Tyrese Maxey?

Lamar coach Tic Price didn’t think it was that hard to explain after the Cats’ 81-56 win.

“I think it really takes a couple shots to go down, and then you get confidence. I think that was the case,” Price said. ” I think I called timeout, I couldn’t wait for that media timeout. I had to call it or it probably could’ve been a lot worse, in hopes that we could stop the momentum.

“But, when you knock down one or two shots, or maybe two shots, it builds on your confidence. I do think that was the case with Kentucky’s guard play, and we knew going in that we had to contain dribble penetration. But also there should be shot pressure. But even with the pressure, they’re just so much bigger than us.

“We’ve not played against perimeter players that are as big as they are. I think that as this team continues to play together, by the time they get into conference play they’re going to be a good basketball team. They’re a good basketball team now, but I think they’re going to be even better.”

So do I and the 3-point shooting will come. Kentucky coach John Calipari talked on his weekly radio show Monday night that 3-point shooting can be inconsistent for any team, not just Kentucky. He liked the idea that the more confidence a team has, the better it will shoot.

Just ask Evansville. The Aces stunned Kentucky because they made 3-point shots and UK didn’t.  Lamar watched that game tape to see what Evansville did.

“We tried to find out what they did to beat the Wildcats. But,you’ve got to make shots against Kentucky and Evansville did. We didn’t,” Price said. “The way we played the ball screen was pretty much just open up and let them through. Evansville did the same thing, but the difference is, Evansville did make some shots.

“We couldn’t duplicate the offensive side of it. Plus, we didn’t have big and strong kids to match up with them physically either. So, you can watch Evansville all you want, but if you don’t have guys to match up with Kentucky, you’re going to have problems.”


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  1. The Evansville loss, as bad as it was, was a “wake up call” for this young and talented UK team.

  2. I agree with you that it was a “wake up call” for our team.
    However, with that in mind, the loss wasn’t all that bad.

    Quite frankly, I’m glad the #1 ranking is on someone else’s plate.
    I’m much more excited about having the #1 Recruiting Class for next year than I ever was about the #1 Ranking at this point of the season this year.

    1. One of the biggest losses in UKBB history and not all that bad?

      1. That’s what I said, buttercup.
        If that loss was the wake-up call we needed…It was a good loss.

  3. Not to take anything away from Evansville, but it was less of Evansville winning that game and a whole lot more of Kentucky losing it. It brings back memories of Billy Clyde Gillespi and the NIT first round loss to Robert Morris. No wait…that NIT team was also coached by John Calipari. Sorry for putting you on Calipari’s level Billy…you are a much better coach than that now.

    1. 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀 funny

    2. See what I mean UK fans. This Catmandoo “little feller” is a TROLL, has to be. I bet he runs around in little green tights, and elf shoes, with a big Spartan on the front of his shirt, in a Peter Pan hat. But our “Mr. Spartan” was AWOL after the MSU win, but now he is the loudest whistle on the playground, was so even before that Evansville loss. But this loss is all he has now. The CATS are 5-1, and on the prowl. He is unhappy and shows it by posting the above nonsense. He hates our HOF Coach, demeans him constantly, and generally wreaks havoc on this here UK site by giving his puny advice to 5 star players, and a coaching legend. WOW!!!

      Mike, come on, take my football challenge. You been running your mouth about our football team and Head Coach, and OC, forever. Just 4.5 more days and you can CROW or CRY. Take it boy, go for it. UL is a great team, 7-4 record, with the best coach according to you!!! You have nothing to lose, it would seem to me if you believe what you preach. Go Cats!!!!

      1. No one runs their mouth more than you do. Do you keep getting flashbacks of being bullied on the playground? You are so insecure.

        1. Mr. Cardinal, no participation in my football challenge? That’s what I thought. Listen….Listen, do you hear it?

          On On UK!!!! Every Wildcat star will shine. We’ll fight, fight, fight for the Blue and White, as we roll to the goal varsity. So we’ll pass, kick, and run till the battle is won, and we’ll bring home the VICTORY!!!Bothers you don’t it. You two TROLLS are shaking in your boots. The Catmandoo1000 is extremely nervous. LOL.

      2. The way you squeal and cry when I talk about Calipari almost makes me think that you are John Calipari. It’s no wonder you are getting out coached…you spend too much time in here defending your fragile ego.

        1. Hey Mr. Spartan, Mr. Inside ………”THE CHALLENGE”

          This is John Calipari here. See me, I have a job for you in my program. It is shinning balls. Could you handle that? Call me.

            • HORNET1 on November 27, 2019 at 10:38 am

            I can’t stop laughing 😂

  4. Oh, get your bags packed Cissy Mouth. Saturday is almost here.

    1. We’ll see. You could be right. But, you could be wrong too. Then Mikey boy, “Mr. Cardinal” will be all alone on this here site, and forever known as the gutless big mouth and UK basher. TROLLS are very bold when they run in a pack. By the way, give us some more inside scoop. Keep us updated from the inside of this storied program. LOL

      1. You are a lot more “alone” than you realize….delusions of grandeur or genious in your own mind. You might even be a Charles Manson clone…who knows. We will see how much chirping you do after Saturday. Rah Rah!

        1. Alone? well lets see, you will be alone if Mr. Spartan loses this CHALLENGE. Now, if I win this CHALLENGE I will be looking for you, but the FBI won’t even be able to find you. Of course, “Mr. Spartan,” now he will be trying to find you, so he can tell you how to spin the UK victory here on VV’s. You take your orders from him, right? He will be history. Now before you pass out, get some rest Mr. Cardinal. You will need it. If you can muster up the courage, please take the CHALLENGE. I sure would like to see you two jokers long gone for a whole year. Can I get an AMEN!!!? I don’t like TROLLS on a UK site. I am waiting also to see a permanent arrangement later when the great Hornet1, and Cats79 win their ultimate CHALLENGE that “Mr. Spartan” agreed to. GO CATS

            • HORNET1 on November 27, 2019 at 6:45 pm

            You got a BIG AMEN out of this corner.

            • Mike on November 27, 2019 at 11:03 pm

            Will Mack and Satterfield both be starting their streaks very soon?

  5. Oh!, hell, can’t go to sleep now, Dukies lost and I’m laughing so hard…I need my sleep, come on.

  6. Oh what a beautiful day in the neighborhood it is.
    #1 Duke takes a loss at Cameron.
    Hell, that’s almost as good as a UK win in my book.

    1. I wonder if the Dookies have any pathetic little trolls calling for K to step down after that humiliating loss.

      1. Good point Hornet, yeah true, and if you base this loss on their season, they are are surely no longer contenders, right? Like some on here said about UK’s Evansville loss. They probably have a couple like “Mr. Spartan” Catmandoo1000, and “Mr. Cardinal” little Mike, calling for oach K’s head, just like you say. Mike….oh I’m sorry…I mean “Mr. Cardinal” there is still time for you to put your talk on the line, and get in on the “CHALLENGE.” Go for it clown.

        1. “The Lumberjacks were 27.5-point underdogs to make Tuesday the largest upset by a Division I team in the last 15 college basketball seasons”
          – USA Today Sports

        2. Pup…..still very lonely, insecure, and craving attention. Why don’t you lay low during the holidays and give all a break?

          1. Mr. Cardinal, is that the best you got? That line is getting old. I think you and your little partner TROLL are losing it. I didn’t think your girls were so sensitive. That line is one from your past, lol. Me thinks the one feeling insecure about now is little “Mr. Spartan.” He is so crazy, and making questionable statements. Just 2.5 more days and he could be history for a whole year. Can I get an AMEN? Then, you will be all alone on this site, no backup for you. Come on, take my football CHALLENGE if you believe all that negative stuff you spew about our Wildcats. Man up, and save face or be branded a coward on this site forever.

  7. Pup…..please shorten your messages and feel free to spend more time with your family so you won’t have to keep coming back to check my factual and very accurate retorts to your incessant, repetitive banter.

    1. For anyone else besides you and “Mr. Spartan,” I would, but for you two TROLLS, not a ice cubes chance in Haiti. If I win this Challenge, you have had it. Open season!!! Until then, take it easy Mike, it’ll be ok. Take the “CHALLENGE.” You might save face and actually win. Oh I forgot, you are the gutless one. Loud, but gutless. Go cheer on Mack and Satterfield. GO Cats.

    (trolls and all)

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