Is signing six-player No. 1 recruiting class not enough for John Calipari? Maybe not

John Calipari has six new players already signed for next year but still is looking for more players for next season. (Jeff Houchin Photo)


Kentucky has signed six players in its 2020 recruiting class, including two — Terrence Clarke and Devin Askew — who reclassified from the 2021 class along with Brandon Boston, Isaiah Jackson, Lance Ware and Cam’Ron Fletcher.

While none are top five players, they combine to give UK the top-ranked recruiting class.

Kentucky assistant coach Joel Justus said the staff was “excited” about the recruits.

“I think it’s a group of guys that all wanted to be here. It’s a group of guys that are tremendous basketball players, but first and foremost they’re great people. They come from great families,” Justus said.

“It’s a very diverse group of young people that are extremely driven. I think anytime that you can collect a group of people that want to play with other really good, talented players, that’s going to fit Coach Cal’s dream class every single year.

“We try to put that together every single year, and this is one that’s off to a great start.”

Off to a great start? So is Kentucky going to add to its six-player class?

“I think you always want to add the right people. I think that’s the first thing we always look for. It has the be the right mix,” Justus said Thursday.

“I think sometimes that comes with roster management. I think sometimes it comes with time and what your team might look like next year, both with guys coming in and guys coming out. I think we’ll still continue to look and some of that is still to be determined.”

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