Jack Dempsey’s: A Touch of Blue in the Big Apple

Tina Cox Photo

By TINA COX, Contributing Writer

NEW YORK — I have always wanted to pregame at Jack Dempseys. I have heard for years it is the gathering place of the Big Blue faithful while in New York.

It was not hard to locate thanks to the UK flags blowing in the wind and the persons decked out In blue and white getting pics made.

The rumors are true. Four floors of CAT fans eating, drinking and dissecting the upcoming game.

It is 5:30, four hours before tipoff and there is not an empty seat. The ages range from the young fans in their Kentucky jerseys to the gently older crowd with bedazzled shirts and boas.

Everyone is gathered around TV screens anxiously waiting tip-off. Some looking concerned. Some looking confident. All join in on the occasional C-A-T-S cheers.

Tina Cox with the owner of Jack Dempsey’s in New York.

The food did not disappoint. Excellent service and some of the best fries I have ever eaten.

The kegs were being delivered and cases of beer were being brought in for the after game celebration. Jack Demsey’s knows Kentucky fans will be back after the game to either raise their glasses in cheers or drown their sorrows.

As I was leaving I started a conversation with a gentleman. It was evident he was from Ireland by his accent. When I asked if he was a Kentucky fan he simply replied, “Yes I own this place.”

I can mark this off my bucket list and yes I will return. Hopefully after the game so I can raise my glass.

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