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John Calipari: Nate Sestina now has time to think about realistic expectations

John Calipari helped serve meals at the Salvation Army on Thursday. (UK Athletics Photo)


Before he fractured his left wrist in practice Tuesday, graduate transfer Nate Sestina worried he was not living up to expectations at Kentucky.

Kentucky coach John Calipari understands part of that thinking.

“Well, it doesn’t matter now. He’s got some time to think about it (because of his injury),” Calipari said. “I think the way that he was trying to prove himself that I belong here vs., alright, now they’re expecting me to do X, Y, Z, and it’s a different mindset.

“You’re hungry and humble the whole time. Hungry to get better; hungry to show that you belong. But I’m humble when things go well because we know that this thing can flip on you real fast.”

Calipari said UK’s struggles, including the loss to Evansville, were not on Sestina.

“This team, we just need time. We need time and practice,” Calipari said. “Like next week – I cannot wait until next week.”

Then he showed Wednesday that he had not lost his sense of humor despite the rash of injuries his team has had this year.

“I’m trying to get the president to shut down the university for a week so I can do some two-a-days. They’ve got class. Those classes get in the way of things,” Calipari joked.


  1. The down time should be very beneficial to Nate as it seemed that he lost confidence in last couple of games because of defensive liabilities and limited shot attempts. He will continues to be a very stabilizing force on this team. Hurry back Nate.

  2. Nate will come back STRONG and REFRESHED… he will be a load for the opposing team… Nate will not have any doubts when he returns!!!

    I’m thankful that Nate is a Cat!


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